Woman trades worthless bobby pin for a new HOME after a series of clever swaps

A SAVVY woman has managed to trade a single bobby pin for her very own home, all thanks to a series of clever swaps.

Demi Skipper, 29, from San Francisco started The Trade Me project on TikTok and Instagram in May – and has since made 25 trades including shoes, electronics and cars.

Demi has tracked her progress online and explained that she's now a proud owner of her Wildbound Tiny Cabin.

It all started during lockdown when she was looking for something to to do, and she started using platforms like Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook to help with her trades.

In her first clip at the start of the project, she said: "I'm trading a bobby pin up until I get a house," and finally reached her goal just six months later.

The idea is to swap just one item at a time, trading up to bigger and better items each time – with a bobby pin being the starting point for Demi.

Since then, she has managed to get her hands on margarita glasses, a vacuum, an Apple TV, an XBox one, limited-edition sneakers, a MacBook Pro, a diamond necklace, a Peloton, and three cars, Daily Mail reports.

One of the cars was a 2011 Jeep Patriot, which is what she traded for her tiny home, which reportedly costs around $9,500 (£7,020)

Thrilled to have reached her goal, the savvy trader shared a clip on TikTok revealing her new home which has since garnered a huge three million views.

While many would be satisfied with the tiny cabin, Demi wants to keep going with hopes of getting a full-sized home.

The leap from a bobby pin to a home might sound extreme, however, Demi slowly worked her way up swapping the hair accessory for a pair of Marysol earrings worth $10 (£7.40)

From there she bagged a set of four margarita glass which she traded for a $60 (£44) Bissell vacuum cleaner.

A snowboard came next, before scoring a 4K apple TV, which she said was her "most valuable trade so far".

More expensive electronics followed, including $220 (£162) Bose noise-cancelling headphones and even an Xbox console.

Demi then found a guy who "really wanted the Xbox" so he was willing to trade her a MacBook Pro 2011 valued at $400 (£295).

A Canon camera set followed before moving into trading sneakers- starting with a $750 (£554)pair of Off White Nike Blazers.

Struggling to get out of the "sneaker game," Demi eventually found a man who desperately wanted a pair she had, so he went out and bought a new iPhone 11 Pro Max to trade with her.

Little did she know, that phone was able to provide her with a car – specifically, a 2008 Dodge Caravan.

After swapping that for a a 15” MacBook Pro 2017, she couldn't help but show off her efforts online.

Posting the new item on Instagram, she wrote "Can you believe this MacBook Pro was once a BOBBY PIN?! I still have to pinch myself."

She then went through an electric bike, two more cars – including a Mini Cooper convertible – and a stunning diamond and sapphire necklace appraised at $19,500 (£14,400).

Demi's six month journey has proved extremely popular and has gained a following of 4.6 million followers on TikTok and 285,000 on Instagram

Her followers have been fascinated about the valuable items Demi has been able to get her hands on, and have tuned in daily to watch.

It was an entrepreneur named Kyle MacDonald who inspired Demi to make a start, after he managed to trade a red paperclip for a two-story farmhouse in 14 steps in 2006.

Similarly, an anonymous software engineer from Northern Ireland began trading with an old pencil and now has a handcrafted table worth hundreds.

The 28-year-old man is on a mission to help people in need and is donating the proceeds he makes to charity.

The anonymous trader is documenting his journey on Instagram, which began in October, and believes it'll take a long ten years to get to his goal of a million dollars.

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