Woman tries to flog ‘brand new’ dress for £8 online – but it’s her bed sheets which have everyone talking

A WOMAN selling her "brand new" dress for cash online has got everyone talking – but it's not because they love the garment.

The Depop seller laid out her red leopard print dress on her white bed sheets to show it off – asking for £8 to shift the item.

She said: "dress I've never worn I just don't suit dresses" followed by a tongue out emoji.

But everyone was immediately drawn to her choice of duvet cover – which showed images of two naked people lying down.

Commenting on the awkward lack of cropping, people wrote: "What the f*** is that bedsheet" and "What’s wrong with the dr- OH."

Others said the seller had clearly copied Nicholas Hoult's character Tony in Skins, who famously had "naked people" bed sheets.

One wrote: "Hahahaha this is literally the bedspread Tony Stonem has in UK Skins. it’s iconic ok?!?!!!"

But another social media user said: "I'm going to buy this actually."

We're not sure if they mean the dress or the sheets…

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