Woman's size eight ASOS corset belt barely fits around her 'skinny mate's leg'

India bought the ASOS PU Leather Underwire Corset in a size eight for £11.

She might not have been happy about her order, but she managed to entertain her followers – with many tweeting to say the photo had left them in tears.

The brand has agreed to look into the mishap for India.

‘We’re sorry to hear your corset belt isn’t suitable,’ ASOS replied in a tweet.

‘Please pop over a DM with your nine-digit order number and your email address that is registered to your ASOS account and we’ll be more than happy to look into this for you.’

In other fashion blunder news, PrettyLittleThing has recently been accused of selling Fruit of The Loom joggers with the label ripped out.

A woman took to Twitter to explain how she’d bought the jogging bottoms from the brand only to find the remains of a Fruit of the Loom label inside.

She then went on Amazon and found the same pair of joggers going for for £6 to £12, while she had purchased them for £20.

It just goes to show that while there are many joys to online shopping, there are also many pitfalls.

If you’d like to give the red corset belt a try for yourself, there are still some available in a size six to eight.

Buy at your own risk, though – you might end up with a really fancy thigh belt.

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