Women with ‘resting b***h face’ show off their naturally angry expressions in hilarious viral TikTok trend

ANY woman who has suffered the infuriating “cheer up love” from a patronising stranger will be all too familiar with the perils of the resting b**** face.

And a new TikTok trend has seen women showcasing their permanently melancholy expressions.

The trend was started by user Sienna Mae Gomez who asked her followers to share their smile followed by their ‘RBF.’

Speaking in the vid, she said: “This is for all the girls with RBF (resting bitch face). First you smile, then you show your resting bitch face. Let's see who has the worst one!”

Captioning her post she added, “I look so mean omg,,,, use this sound if urs is worse!!!!”

And it seems that plenty of women thought their natural expression was something to contend with as these videos prove.

In other news, we previously told you how women are getting fillers to "cure" their resting b**** face.

And upside down Botox is said to "enhance a positive" expression.

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