You can buy a £15 Dyson vacuum cleaner for kids that actually works – so they can clean up their mess this Christmas – The Sun

DO you ever wish you got a little more help around the house – especially with Christmas around the corner?

Well, you can now buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner for your child… that actually works.

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The super-cute Hoover is a direct replica of Dyson's latest handheld DC59 model.

According to the product's description, its features include "realistic sounds" and a "simulated cyclone action" with moving colourful balls in a clear cylinder.

It can transform from a floor vacuum into a handheld unit, meaning your little one will be able to reach even the tightest of spots.

While this all sounds like lots of fun for kids wanting to copy their mums and dads, there's also a great benefit for you.

The vacuum picks up dust and fluff – so your child really will be helping with the housework.

It also includes an accessible dust compartment, making it easy for you to empty their rubbish collection into the bin.

The vacuum is retailing at £15.99 and is already racking up great reviews online.

One parent wrote: "I bought this for my son's 3rd birthday. He absolutely loves it… Doesn't stop playing with it. Real sound. And enjoys helping mummy with housework."

Another commented: "My little girl always wants to help vacuum with our Dyson. This is the perfect product which helps her help us without the worry of her dropping our real one!"

A perfect win-win situation for the festive season, if you ask us.

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