You can now go to all-you-can-eat cheese festivals, which include bread, wine and lots of games

CALLING all cheese lovers! There are now an all-you-can-eat cheese events taking place and they sound delicious.

Homage2Fromage is a cheese club which has launched across the UK and takes place once a month in various cities.

So far it has been established in Leeds, Sheffield and Harrogate, and has recently launched in Manchester.

The unbrielivable evening involves meeting like-minded cheese lovers to play cheese-related games, hear talks from experts, and of course, devour as much of the dairy product as you desire.

And it’s not just cheese on offer at the tasty event, which is themed on different varieties each session.

There is also plenty of wine, bread, chutneys, pickles, crackers and other snacks to enjoy.



  • June 17


  • May 15
  • June 19


  • May 23
  • June 27


  • May 20
  • June 3 (In Didsbury)
  • June 24

The Manchester event is being held on May 20 with the theme of “Cheese of Wales”, and tickets cost £15.

And there are plans to expand the club to London in the next few months.

Co-founder Nick said on the website: "The aim of the club is to celebrate great cheese in an informal fun way – this is not about snobby cheese and wine tastings, it is about sharing one of the greatest foods ever, in a simple, relaxed way.

“Homage2Fromage helps you discover new cheese, meet like-minded cheese fans and hear some of the amazing stories behind cheese and cheesemaking.


  • MAY – Welsh Cheese
  • JUNE – Unpasteurised artisan cheese
  • JULY – French cheese

"As soon as we are all in, Vickie [the other co-founder] and I will call 'CHEESE!' This is your signal to tuck in.

“Help yourself to a piece or portion of each cheese, there will be crackers, bread and chutney, fruit and all kinds of accompaniments. Really, help yourself…"

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