Your IQ is in the top 5% if you can figure out why the water changes colour in this mind-boggling optical illusion | The Sun

YOUR IQ ranks in the top five per cent if you can figure out why the water changes colour in this mind-boggling picture.

The real-life photograph was entered into a Japanese art competition but left viewers so amazed they claimed it was an optical illusion.

The picture was captured by photographer Kenichi Ohno and showed a bird walking through the water.

However, the deceiving image also showed the water spilt into two different colours – yellow and blue.

It appears as if the image has been photoshopped but in actual fact it is real.

Can you workout why the water changes colour?


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If you look closer at the finer details, there is a wall in the top right corner, which is reflected onto the surface of the water.

Due to the windless conditions, the water is perfectly glassy and totally absorbs the sunlight beaming off the wall – which "appears" to change the colour of the water.

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