You’re forgetting to clean one part of your bathroom – it’s filthy but an easy fix

A CLEANING guru has revealed a common cleaning tool that many people may forget to clean – or simply don’t know how to. 

While it’s an unpleasant tool to even think about cleaning, it’s an easy task.

“When you’re cleaning your bathroom, do this last,” the expert, named Skylar Toth, instructed in a video posted to her popular TikTok page.

“Rest your toilet brush underneath the toilet seat and pour hot water over it. 

“This sanitizes the brush and gets rid of any leftover bacteria,” she explained. 

According to a study conducted by A Cleaner Home, an average toilet has about “34,000 units of bacteria” living in it at any time.

This means the brush a toilet is cleaned with is likely to be pretty dirty, too. 

Despite many of Skylar’s followers celebrating the easy tip, many were wary of the long-term effects of the cleaning method. 

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“Don’t pour hot water into a toilet ever,” one user wrote, with several others sending similar messages. 

The concern is that the hot water can ruin the seal between the toilet and the house’s pipes, which would cause leakage.

This worry was confirmed by heating, air, and plumbing company Gilmore Air, who said that pouring boiling water into a toilet can also crack the porcelain. 

However, Atlantis Plumbing said using hot water, rather than boiling water, should not cause damage to any pipes or sealant. 

There are plenty of other ways to clean a toilet brush for folks who are worried about using hot water to do the trick. 

One TikToker recommended using a silicone toilet brush because they are easier to clean, while another suggested spraying the brush with cleaning products and letting it dry before packing it up.

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