You’re tying your hair up all wrong – here’s what a hair expert says you should use instead

WHEN it comes to hair care, we often find ourselves searching online for ways to repair our damaged, dried-out ends.

Though a chop would certainly be a quick fix, it’s important to know how we can prevent further devastation to our locks.

One woman said you can incorporate a simple change to your everyday hair routine that will make all the difference: how you tie it.

Connie Kamilla is a hair expert who has gained a following on TikTok thanks to her hair tips.

She recently debunked a common theory about protecting your tresses.

In the clip, she first showed the incorrect way to tie it: She picked up her luscious, jet-black mane and twisted it into a ballerina bun. She then secured the bun with a hair tie.

Contrary to popular belief, Connie said this way of holding your hair up is harmful, calling it “the most damaging ‘protective’ style.”

“I used to do this all the time. Until I realized it’s begging for split ends.”

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Instead, she said, you should use a claw clip to hold your bun in place.

“I mostly bun my hair at night and sleep on silk.”

If you don’t have one of these clips lying around your bathroom, Connie said a non-damaging scrunchie would work well too. She recommended one made of silk.

Responding to a commenter who wondered why a clip was better than a traditional ponytail holder, the hair guru explained:

“The hair tie is too tight and rubbing on your hair with force to keep the style. The claw clip sits more relaxed on the hair.”

Other commenters marveled and thanked her for her ongoing advice:

“You’re seriously the only hair-toker I take recommendations from now. Everything you’ve said you do I have done and my hair is growing so long,” wrote one viewer.

"Your hair is gorgeous!! You look absolutely stunning!! WOW!!!!" chimed another.

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