You've been cooking onions all wrong… you can stop yourself crying with this simple bread trick

IF you're an amateur chef in the kitchen, chances are you've been left sobbing over an onion.

But thanks to this handy hack, shared by Greatist, you may just be able to add the tasty ingredient to any dish without resembling a blubbery mess.

Firstly, let's establish exactly why onions make us cry…

The flavoursome but tear-jerking vegetable has the ability to reduce us to water works in a matter of seconds because they contain molecules known as amino acid sulfoxide.

When you cut into them the molecules are released and they form a type of acid which reacts with the air.


So when that gas hits your eye, it reacts with the water to create sulphuric acid, which gives that burning sensation we all dread.

But while many of us have made a fool of ourselves by donning swimming goggles in a bid to protect our peepers, there is another, equally silly-looking solution, that could just be the answer to our onion-cooking prayers.

And best of all, it's really easy.

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Simply place a slice of bread in your mouth so that it is partially sticking out, and this will absorb the irritant gas before it reaches your eyes.

Or, if you're planning on cooking the veggies later on in the day, try freezing them before chopping.

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