You’ve been using hair grips all wrong and it’s the reason they keep sliding out

A PROFESSIONAL hairstylist has shared how to properly use bobby pins, to ensure they don't fall out during the day.

Explaining what 'not to do', her revelation has led viewers to discover they have been doing it wrong all this time.

Taking to her TikTok channel. the hairstylist says that most people make the same common mistake.

Posting under the domain @diyhairschool she says: "How to use a bobby pin, the right way."

"So you've got a bobby pin, how do you use it so it doesn't push its way back out of your hair throughout the day? It's very simple."

Explaining how its' best to use bobby pins that match your hair colour, the stylist says it is all about how you push the pin in.


Grabbing a section of her hair she said: "So you have the hair that you want to pin, the idea is that when you push the bobby pin into your hair, bumpy side against your hair, and make sure when you push the pin in, the pin is closed."

Stressing the importance of this last instruction, the hairstylist added: "Do not push the pin in, while it is opened, otherwise, the pressure of that pin wanting to close will push its way back out your hair so it can close, the bobby pin wants to be closed."

She said that this is why the pin needs to be closed when going in, as she demonstrates how she puts it in her hair while it is open and closes it before pushing in.

"Right now it's open but I'm gonna let it go, and allow it to pinch closed, and then I'm going to push it in, while it's closed," she said.

Adding: "And that bobby pin is going to last all day long. You can also spray it with a little hairspray before you put it in if you want to be extra sure that it's not gonna slide out.

The post has been viewed a whopping 1.2 million times and people have revealed they are fascinated in the comments.

"I was today years old" commented one person.

"Mind-blowing. And I thought 10 years ago that I'm the pro of bobby pins when I learned the riffle side was on the bottom, not the top" added another person.

A third commented: "Wow I have been using this the wrong way my whole life! Thanks for this video.

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