You've got the eyes of a hawk if you can spot this dog hidden among a flock of sheep | The Sun

ADULTS and children alike are struggling to find the dog hidden amongst the flock of sheep in this viral brain teaser.

As if the optical illusion wasn't difficult enough, there's also a napping sheep in the photo – can you find it?

The puzzle, created by Drift Sleep, shows a flock of black and white sheep in a field of lush green grass.

But look closely: one of the sheep has fallen asleep – can you find it?

The wide-eyed woollys have made it incredibly difficult for users to find the sleeping member of the flock.

Users have been left scratching their heads as they can't find the pooch either.


You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the snow leopard in three seconds

Can spot the snake lurking in a kitchen in less than five seconds?

If you found the hidden dog and sheep in less than 15 seconds, you may have a high IQ.

Many claim the more puzzles and brainteasers you solve, the higher your IQ becomes.

Earlier this month, the Ukrainian National Guard challenged social media users to find their well-camouflaged snipers in this viral photo.

One or more soldiers are sneakily-disguised within each photo – can you spot the camouflaged snipers lurking?

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After releasing their "find the sniper" task, the National Guard provided no clues or answers to the tricky eye-game.

In another brain teaser, people are struggling to find the hidden photographer lurking in this forest photo.

Wildlife photographer Sasan Amir's techniques of camouflage are obviously effective.

Did you find where Sasan was lurking?

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