Zara and Princess Anne’s engagement rings ‘have one thing in common’

Princess Anne, 72, wears a beautiful engagement ring from her second husband, Timothy Laurence. Her daughter Zara Tindall, 41, wears an equally stunning ring from her husband Mike Tindall.

Royal engagement rings are remarkable due to the legacy they will leave, their history, and their beauty.

Whether they were designed by a court jeweller, another designer, or even inherited from another Royal Family member, fans are inspired by their designs which are usually very expensive.

However, while some engagement rings such as Kate Middleton’s tend to capture the limelight, others take a more subtle approach.

Unlike many of the Royal Family rings which feature precious gemstones and diamonds up to 12 carats, both Princess Anne and Zara Tindall opted for low-key engagement rings.

Engagement ring specialists at UK retailer Steven Stone have shared everything fans need to know about the rings, including their secret similarities.

Diamond Expert, Maxwell Stone, said: “While the two rings both have different designs and include different stones – Princess Anne’s features a three-carat sapphire and Zara’s features a 1.5-carat diamond – they do have one thing in common.

“Both of the rings are notably understated in comparison to many other famous engagement rings, which ensures that the royals can wear them on a day-to-day basis.

“Both rings feature modest stones, especially in comparison to Kate Middleton’s 12-carat Ceylon sapphire, which is worth around a staggering £300,000.”

Princess Anne’s engagement ring from Tim contains a three-carat oval-cut cabochon sapphire.

This is framed by a cluster of three small diamonds on either side.

It’s very similar to her first engagement ring from her first husband, Mark Phillips.

This ring also featured an oval sapphire stone and clusters of diamonds.

Princess Anne received sapphire engagement rings both times as opposed to traditional diamond rings, which suggests she feels a connection to this precious gemstone.

According to Steven Stone experts, on today’s market, a ring like this would be worth around £25,000.

When Mike Tindall proposed to Zara, he chose a four-claw split shoulder design with several pavé set diamonds, complete with a single solitaire diamond in the centre.

A lot of thought went into Zara’s engagement ring design, with Mike taking into consideration his future wife’s equestrian career.

It’s reported that the ring deliberately has a low profile setting, allowing Zara to still be able to wear it while competing in equestrian events.

The ring combines a traditional style with a twist of modern design.

The classic round diamond looks to be around 1.5 carats, giving the ring an estimated value of around £15,000, according to Steven Stone.

However, considering it’s worn by the granddaughter of the late Queen, it comes with a legacy which likely makes it priceless.

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