Zelensky wears iconic ‘President Sweatshirt’ helping war effort

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been spotted wearing jumpers from the brand U-Shirt. This is a small Ukrainian brand launched in aid of the war.

Zelensky was spotted wearing an olive green sweatshirt by U-Shirt on Tuesday, February 21.

He donned the symbolic garment as he spoke to the media during a joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Melon.

He paired the sweater with what looked to be cargo trousers in a similar shade.

But what is the reason for Zelensky’s more casual attire? It has an important message.

The garment was made in the Ukraine and is dubbed the “President’s Sweatshirt” on the official U-Shirt website.

It is described as the “Original green sweatshirt with a golden silk embroidery of the tryzub”.

The tryzub is the Coat of arms of Ukraine, a blue shield with a gold trident.

The President’s Sweatshirt retails at $100 (around £83.17) and ships free worldwide.

There are also T-shirts and caps up for grabs in green and white, and white sweatshirts as well.

Prices range from $29 for a cap (around 24.08) to $100 for the President’s Sweatshirt, although only some items charge for shipping.

U-Shirt is donating funds to hospitals and volunteers during the Russo-Ukrainian War.

The brand detailed its aims on U-Shirt’s official website: “As a small team of entrepreneurs, we want to make sure Ukrainian businesses keep running in spite of the prolonged war and shameless bombings of our cities.

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“The hard-working women in the sewing factory making these beautiful clothes, the talented designers and photographers expressing themselves through art and the lovely models embodying the brand, need your support – for they bravely keep doing what they do, to keep creativity alive and feed their loved ones in these difficult times.

“We will not yield, and we will keep doing what we love the most – creating and sharing our ideas with you. Thank you so much for your support!”

This is not the first time President Zelensky has been spotted wearing the political sweatshirt.

On February 8, he wore it during an audience with King Charles at Buckingham Palace.

Again, he wore these with a pair of army-style khaki cargo pants with sturdy camel boots.

In December 2022, he donned the same sweatshirt as he addressed the US Congress.

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