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THERE can be little better summer entertainment than bouncing around in the back garden on one of the best trampolines.

Over the past couple of years, the market has been catering to families wanting a distraction for the kids during lengthy staycations, coupled with the benefit of keeping them active. (And adults will certainly be drawn onto them when they’ve tired themselves out).

Price ranges are from around £200 right up to £2,500, and all trampolines must pass stringent safety rules before they end up ready to retail. There is also a growing market for accessories of all shapes and sizes to add to the fun.

Building some bigger trampolines is a task to be taken up by two people, as the springs you need to load take lots of tension. This is what makes the bounce better.

You’d be advised also to take time to find a cover as it’ll be out in the elements, and while it is tempting to just leave it to weather any downpour it will decrease the lifespan of your trampoline.

Here’s a guide to some of our top picks to get all gymnastic in the garden.

1. Sportspower Sport Pro 10ft x 8ft Trampoline

  • Sportspower Sport Pro 10ft x 8ft Rectangular Trampoline, £320 at Argos – buy here

The appeal of a rectangular trampoline is that you get to go bigger in a smaller space.

This one, from one of the UK’s leading suppliers, is fully galvanised and comes complete with a safety mat and surrounding net.

Delivered in three boxes, it’ll take a pair of you a couple of hours to put together, but you'll end up with a great piece of kit designed for a single person.

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Size: 10ft x 8ft Max. user weight: 100kg Age recommendation: 6 and over

2. Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Rectangular Barrel Trampoline

  • Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Rectangular Barrel Trampoline, from £259.95 – buy here

Designed with a striking colour combination that’ll brighten up the garden, this model goes up to 15ft x 10ft, and so can hold a couple of people keen on having a trampoline session.

It has all the safety features you’d expect, including side netting, a perimeter mat and foam-covered poles around the side.

The shape of this one gives it added stability as it is slightly curved, making it well-suited for those who want to elevate their exercise to the next level. 

Size: from 12ft x 8ft to 15ft x 10ft Max. user weight: 100-130kg


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3. Fisher-Price 4.5-Foot Trampoline

  • Fisher-Price 4.5-Foot Trampoline, £99.99 at Very – buy here

Buildable in minutes, this Sportspower-made model is a great way for the kids to start their journey into trampolining.

It folds down to a very compact size and has all the safety features you'd expect from a trusted kids' brand like Fisher-Price.

You can also use this trampoline inside if you've got enough space for this cute piece of kit. Put some toys and a blanket inside to create their very own den to hang out in – the trouble is, they’ll likely want to eat their tea in there.

Size: 4.5 ft Max. user weight: 45kg Age recommendation: 18 months and up

4. Sportspower Sports Pro 8ft Trampoline

  • Sportspower 8ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline with Enclosure, £130 (saving £40) from Argos

This single-user trampoline is about the simplest one to set up; with assistance, it should take two hours tops.

Fully galvanised against the weather, there is a safety net and mat around the perimeter to save feet from disappearing down the sides. Fully padded side poles further ensure slightly younger acrobats are covered if they take a tumble. 

Although this is one of the best-value trampolines on this list, it does have a 50kg weight limit, so stay away Dad.

Size: 8ft Max. user weight: 100kg Age recommendation: 6 years and over

5. Berg Inground Champion

  • Berg Inground Champion, £739.95 – buy here

The advantages of an in-ground trampoline are that there is no frame to shift around as you bounce.

However, they’re more expensive, and you might want something more aesthetically easy-on-the eye than a regular one standing high with netting around it.

This model takes very little installation as its design allows for a shallower hole to be dug; if you haven’t a spade to dig DIY then it’ll likely cost a few hundred quid to do.

Size: 11ft x 7ft Max. user weight: 100kg

6. Jumpking Oval 8 x 11.5ft

  • Jumpking 8 x 11.5ft Oval Trampoline, £375 from John Lewis – buy here

With a free ladder included, this Jumpking allows you to enter and exit with a little grace.

Superbly made, this fully surround netted trampoline has great bounce and is a decent size and shape with a build time of around four hours.

It's also an understated trampoline if you’re avoiding colour clash in your garden space.

Size: 8 x 11.5ft Max. user weight: 90kg Age recommendation: 6 years and up

7. JumpPRO Xtra Black Rectangular Trampoline 17ft x 10ft

  • 17ft x 10ft JumpPRO™ Xtra Black Rectangular Trampoline with Unique Double Bounce Mat, £1899 from Madfun – buy here

More of a small extension than a trampoline, this is about as big as they get.

Over 112 springs give this JumpPRO trampoline the bounce you and others will need to get you skyward on the double-matted surface (it's one of the few brands to offer this).

As you’d expect the team behind this have years of experience in the jumping game and all the safety features far excel the minimum requirements.

You’ll get a ladder, 10-year warranty on the frame and a trampoline strong enough to hold up to 180KG in weight.

Size: 17ft x 10ft Max. user weight: 180kg

8. The Range Trampoline Bouncer

  • Trampoline Bouncer, £52.99 at The Range – buy here

One of the finest ways to up your cardio levels, you’ll feel the burn in no time at all with this Trampoline Bouncer.

Compact enough to use and store inside, this piece of equipment needs the stereo turned up to 11 for a flawless performance.

There are loads of trampoline training videos to show you how to get the most out of your workout; stick them on the telly and off you go, on the road to gluteal gladness.

Size: 122cm

9. Jumptastic Trampoline Hoop

  • Jumptastic Trampoline Basketball Hoop, £89.99 from Amazon – buy here

This is a trampoline attachment rather than a trampoline, but it's such good fun that we had to include it.

There are a few of these on the market but none are complete with the universal clamps to enable attachment to almost any trampoline.

It allows you to leap in the air with all the expertise of an NBA basketball player, enabling even the vertically challenged to slam dunk.

The backboard also has a more realistic feel of a court-based hoop giving a real style shot versus flimsy alternatives, which are worth avoiding.

Size: 74.9 x 50.8 x 50.8 centimetres

10. Sportspower 14ft Rebounder

  • Sportspower 14ft Rebounder, £299.99 from Aldi – buy here

This trampoline comes with a point of difference that lets you pull tricks on the super-tough bounce net and push yourself to the sides, which are angled to a degree for acrobatic flips.

The angled areas have only been available on trampolines for a few years, and it does feel like a bit of an evolution.

Weight-wise this one will peak at around 60KG due to the uniqueness of its design.

Size: 14ft Max. user weight: ~60kg

Is trampolining good exercise?

Not only is it good exercise, it's great fun too.

The benefits are varied; there’s the smile it brings, as well as the fact you are outside, soaking up Vitamin D and not screen staring.

It is an intensive aerobic workout too, increasing the speed at which your heart pumps blood (and therefore oxygen) around your body.

This in turn strengthens the muscles of your cardiovascular system, and the boost in oxygen levels will make you feel more awake, alert and alive.

Which is the best trampoline?

There should be a more straightforward answer than “the most expensive you can afford”, but there isn’t.

It depends on how much you think you’ll use it, too.

If it going to be a daily routine and you can get kids to turn it into an outdoor play space, then spend a little more. Do try and gravitate towards a rectangular or oval one though as they take up less space.

What is the law on trampolines in gardens?

There are no specific laws, you don’t need planning permission to have one in the garden.

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