10 Celebrities Who Own Their Own Private Islands

With their massive fortunes, buying private islands is a rather common phenomenon for celebrities.

When we think of A-list celebrities, what comes to mind is someone is an actor, actress, or musician with a few hefty bank accounts who have been sumptuously rewarded for their talent. They are known to flaunt their achievements luxuriously, owning a dozen sports cars, a yacht or two, and definitely some exotic mansion estates to their names. But then there are those who may be considered the “elite” of the A-list celebrities, who have graduated to owning their own private islands. Here is a list of ten celebrities wealthy enough to own their own share on the world map

5 Jay-Z and Beyonce

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Are you thinking of the ultimate power couple? Look no further. The most iconic, revered, and celebrated singer and the rapper who carries weight as the king of New York – his reputation precedes them without even trying. Jay-Z reportedly purchased a $20 million dollar private island in the Florida Keys spanning a distance of 12.5 acres for Beyonce’s 29th birthday. When cellphones and jewelry are outdated items for a birthday gift, it’s only right to show your appreciation with a paradise getaway to call your own. But the rapper didn’t stop there. It’s reported that a few years later, the couple invested in a $2 million island in North Abaco in the Bahamas. Surely, they can now keep a low profile in peace!

David Copperfield

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Known professionally as David Copperfield, David Keith Kotkin is an American magician who garnered immense success through his work as an illusionist. In 2006, he reportedly spent $50 million on a charming four-part island called Musha Cay in the Southern Bahamas. The magical island (no pun intended) has been decorated with five guest houses which have been which can be rented out for a whopping $57,000 a night. For the lucky visitor, the island is fitted with an outdoor theatre, a private speedboat, and all the amenities needed for the ultimate relaxation experience.

George Clooney

This classic Ocean’s Eleven actor, George Clooney, has his eyes set on more than casinos heists. He and his wife, Amal, reportedly snagged the 5.5-acre private island for an estimated $17,000,000 in 2014. The island is located 37 miles west of London in Sonning Eye, southern Oxfordshire. The property is also equipped with an 8,949 square-foot 17th-century Georgian mansion which Clooney has remodeled to fit his lavish taste. The mansion is complete with ten bedrooms, a gym, an indoor pool, a home cinema, and a private boathouse.

Celine Dion

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Known as the best-selling Canadian music artist in history, Celine Dion is a skilled vocalist with a plethora of timeless hits. With classics like The Power of Love and It’s All Coming Back to Me Now, her legendary music career has garnered her much success over the years. So much so that she was able to purchase a 77,000 square meter island, Île Gagnon, located on the Rivière des Mille Îles in Quebec, Canada. She built a colossal mansion on the property, which she later sold in 2016 after living there since 2001. The entire property was sold for $25.5 million.

4 Johnny Depp

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With an estimated net worth of US$150 million, it’s no surprise that this pirate of the Caribbean bagged a gem in the Bahamas. As a matter of fact, it was while filming the movie in 2003 that Depp spotted the 45-acre private island called Little Hall’s Pond Cay. By 2004, he agreed to buy the property for $3.6 million. In 2015, Depp hosted a “wedding weekend” in celebration of his marriage to his ex-wife, Amber Heard. The island is located in the Exuma district of the Bahamas, which consists of 365 islands, which some are owned by other rich and famous personalities.

Mel Gibson

Owned by the eccentric and multi-talented Mel Gibson, Mago Island is a volcanic island and is one of the largest in the South Pacific, boasting over 5,000 acres. After releasing the famous Passion of the Christ movie in 2004, Gibson went on to purchase the island for $15 million from a Japanese corporation, according to sources from The Guardian. It is reported that when Gibson retreat to his paradise hideaway, he lives a simplistic life by running a cattle farm. He is also said to have spoken to the government about other farming initiatives using his private island.

Tyler Perry

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Recognized most notably by his alter-ego, Madea, Tyler Perry has been acclaimed as one of the most prolific and unrestricted actors in Hollywood. Apart from his acting talent, he is also a director, playwright, and producer, which lead Forbes to consider him the highest-paid actor in the entertainment industry in 2011. With a net worth of $800 million, Tyler Perry has used his earnings to purchase a private island called White Bay Cay in the Bahamas, spanning 25-acres. In addition, he also bought a nearby island spanning roughly 7-acres and has erected a 14,000 square-foot mansion along with guest villas for visitors.

3  Eddie Murphy

And here we have another versatile comedian, brilliant in his craft with a multimillion-dollar net worth to prove it. Although he is known for his string of hilarious comedies, when he needs to retreat from the public eye, he goes to his private island, Rooster Cay, which he bought in the Bahamas back in 2007. Conveniently located, it’s a five-minute journey across from Bahama’s capital, Nassau. The price tag on this unspoiled paradise was $15 million, which has been and still is off-limits to the general public.

2 Ricky Martin

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If anyone knows how to enjoy a paradise island, it would be Mr. Livin’ La Vida Loca himself, Ricky Martin! The Puerto Rican superstar had full intentions of living up to the message in his song when he purchased his own island hideaway. Unlike most of his other private island-owners who settled in the Florida Keys or the Bahamas, Ricky ventured out to Brazil, where he snatched an island off the coast of Rio De Janeiro for $7,500,000. Although the name of the island has not been disclosed to the public, it is reported that it resides in the resort region of Angra dos Reis.

1  Steven Spielberg

Who would’ve thought you could become a multi-billionaire by scaring the daylights out of people? If it were ever thought impossible, Steven Spielberg is living proof. With a net worth of US$3.7 billion, the Hollywood director has enough to own an entire chain of islands. But he modestly settled for two off the coast of Portugal in the Madeira Archipelago. Spielberg is likely the most conspicuous of all the celebrities as he has not disclosed the estimated price of the private islands. It should also be noted that both of the islands are located in a highly volcanic region and are believed to be uninhabited.

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