10 must-have products to keep warm including body-length hot water bottles and bargain electric blankets

AS parts of the UK continue to be hit by snow, we round up 10 products that will help keep you warm.

Storm Darcy – dubbed the “Beast from the East II” – has brought freezing blizzards to the UK from Russia.

Latest forecasts predict some parts of the country will get another 10 inches of snow today, while temperatures are due to drop to -18C.

There are fears towns could become “cut off” due to Storm Darcy with travel chaos also expected.

A yellow weather warning for snow remains in place across Britain until midnight on Wednesday, with the Met Office warning “frequent snow showers may lead to travel disruption in places”. 

As the cold weather is set to continue, here are 10 products to help keep you warm:

Hot water bottles

1. Pukkr extra long dark blue hot water bottle (£6.99) – buy now

The cheapest body hot water bottle we could find costs £6.99 from online retailer Roov.co.uk, plus £2.95 on top for delivery.

This one measures 72cm in length and can hold two litres of hot water.

The next cheapest we found costs £12, plus £3.95 delivery, from Dunelm but it measures slightly longer at 80cm.

2. Teal neck hot water bottle (£5.60) – buy now

If you suffer from neck pain, this hot water bottle from Dunelm could help ease any cramps or tension.

You can find them in stores now, or delivery charges start from £3.95 if you don't have a Dunelm near you.

Similar neck hot water bottles from Dunelm cost £7.

3. Pink unicorn hot water bottle (£7) – buy now

If you're after something a bit more fun, or perhaps for your little one, we spotted this cute unicorn hot water bottle.

Again, as this is from Dunelm, you'll either find them in stores or you can order online for £3.95 home delivery.

River Island sells a unicorn "hottie" – which is a soft toy that can be microwaved for warmth – for a pricier £12, plus £4 for delivery.

Electric blankets

4. Dunelm electric blanket (£11.40) – buy now

This electric blanket from Dunelm has been reduced from £17 to £11.40 for a single size.

It has three heat settings and is also available in a double for £15.40 and king size for £18.90.

You can try your luck finding these in stores, or if you order online, there is a £3.95 delivery charge.

One of the next best priced electric blankets was from eBay, which is selling a Silentnight version for £18.99 plus £4.20 delivery.

5. Electric heated car blanket (£14.95) – buy now

If you find yourself stuck in the car, this electric blanket specifically designed for motors could be a life-saver.

The blanket, which comes with free delivery on eBay, will start to heat up once it's plugged into any cigarette lighter.

A similar car electric blanket on eBay costs £16.95, also with free delivery.

Battery heated socks and gloves

6. Warmawear battery heated socks (£8.99) – buy now

If your prone to cold feet, you might want to consider these heated socks.

Each sock requires one D battery each, which aren't included, and gives off around five hours of heat.

Keep in mind you'll need to pay £4.99 for delivery from Primrose.

The next best price we found online are these socks for £11.99 on eBay, although this price does include shipping.

7. Thinsulate battery heated gloves (£7.49) – buy now

For cold hands, we found these battery heated gloves for £7.49, plus £4.99 delivery, by online retailer Primrose.

Like the socks above, each glove needs one D battery (not included) to make it heat up for around two hours.

Elsewhere, heated gloves from Amazon cost £18.99 with free delivery.


8. Upright fan heater (£9.98) – buy now

This mini fan heater pumps out hot air to keep you warm, with two different heat settings to choose from.

The heater itself measures 25cm by 21.5cm by 13cm.

Sadly, it is out of stock on the Toolstation website so you'll need to check your nearest store.

The next cheapest fan heater we spotted was on Amazon, priced at £12.45 with free delivery.

9. Grey halogen heater (£20) – buy now

This heater has an oscillating feature that makes it ideal for heating up a whole room evenly.

It also comes with three different heat settings and an extra thermal cut out fuse for safety.

Dunelm delivery charges start from £3.95 if you don't have a Dunelm near you.

Elsewhere, Wilko also charges £20 for its halogen heater but you'll pay £5 for delivery.

10. Standing electric outdoor heater (£79.94) – buy now

If you've got a garden, this standing patio heater could be a great way to keep warm.

Delivery from OnBuy.com is free for this product.

Elsewhere, outdoor patio heaters can cost from £100 upwards including this model from QVC.

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