11 Funny Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Make Your Mom LOL

If your relationship with your mom is rooted in humor, you should consider getting a funny Mother’s Day 2019 gift this year instead of the usual flower bouquet. Flowers are fine, don’t get me wrong — I’m merely suggesting you shake it up this year and get her something she’s not expecting. While the holiday is about honoring your mom and making her feel loved and appreciated, it’s also about having a good time with her and making a memory. So really, how many more sweet and sentimental mom mugs can you get her before she can’t close the cupboard? Get her something she doesn’t have, or doesn’t know she needs — like a good laugh.

Here I’ve put together a list of humorous gifts that are still thoughtful and not total gags. Because there’s a difference between getting your mom a whoopee cushion and a wine glass that has a funny phrase on it. You’ll still be taking Mother’s Day seriously — you’ll just be making it a bit more fun, a bit more interesting, and sparing your mom yet another mug. Unless of course that mug has something really funny written on it, and in that cause you should totally get it.

Flashcards To Help Her With Her Slang

Slang Flashcards



Give your mom a gift that you can enjoy together, with the whole fam. These slang word flash cards will be a big hit at brunch. Pass them around, share your favorites, and test your moms knowledge.

A Scarf With A Classic Book Printed On It

Literary Scaft



If your mom is a book worm, this scarf was ~literally~ made for her. It actually has classic literature printed on it, so she can read it, and keep warm, and be a trend setter, all at the same time.

A Literal Awkward Family Game

Awkward Family Photo Game



Increase the fun standard at your next family gathering by gifting your mom this hilarious game. It’s time to get rid of the Monopoly game that’s missing half the pieces.

Socks With Your Face On Them

Custom Face Socks



If your mom has a great sense of humor, get her a pair of socks with your face all over them. Remind her that you’re her favorite child every time she opens her sock drawer.

"I’m A Cool Mom Wine Label"

Cool Mom Wine Label



If you’ve watched Mean Girls with your mom, this is a must. This wine label will adhere to any bottle, so you can get your mom a wine that she really likes so that the gift isn’t a total gag.

"I Won’t Poison Your Food" Apron

Humorous Apron



If your mom isn’t too sensitive about her cooking, this apron is a hilarious and useful gift. Plus it’s actually pretty cute!

Dumba*s Kid’s Shirt

Proud Mom Shirt



Gift your mom this hilarious shirt if you’re OK with the fact that you’re the butt of the joke.

An Acceptable Mug

A Funny Mug



I know, I know, I said no mugs! But this mug is so funny, she can make room for it.

A Game Just For Moms

Word Search Book For Moms



If your mom is always bugging you to play Words With Friends with her, this is the perfect gift. Now she can play with herself, plus, the font is comically large so that she can see without her double reading glasses.

Candy Crush Champion’s Mug

Candy Crush Champion Mug


Red Bubble

If your mom is the undefeated champion of Candy Crush, this is the mug for her. Despite the fact that she already has too many mugs, she’ll be glad to swap one out so this one fits.

Wino Socks

Bring Me Wine Socks


Pineridge Hollow

A little humor goes a long way. Especially if these socks actually bring some more wine into your mom’s life. At the very least, they look cozy AF.

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