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AS the winter chill approaches and rainy and windy days become the norm, your beloved pup is sure to be grateful for a good quality dog coat, keeping them warm, dry and relatively mud-free.

While many dogs don't like the idea of extra layering or clothes of any kind, there are plenty of comfortable, stylish and winter-warming dog coats to keep your pooch warm and happy whatever the weather.

Of course, you can also kit your pup out in a smart jumper or sweatshirt when the temperature drops. These come in all styles and designs, from Christmas looks to slogan sweatshirts, so your pooch won't just be cosy, they'll also be best-dressed.

Just be sure not to leave your dog in their coat for too long — you don't want them to feel uncomfortable or agitated.

Do dogs need coats?

For average, day-to-day weather in Britain, dogs don't really need coats. But when that frequent rain sets in, or even those fun snow days, it's best to wrap up your pooch.

Most dogs are equipped with enough fur to keep themselves warm naturally. That being said, short-haired breeds will need a bit of extra help on really cold days.

It's also a great way of saving time on washing your dog post-walk, because a coat can keep it clean (as much as possible), and dry.

Best dog Barbour coat: Barbour Classic Check Wool Dog Coat

  • Barbour Classic Check Wool Dog Coat, Small, £32 at House of Fraser – buy here

Kitting your pooch out in a Barbour jacket has got to be one of the cutest photo opportunities ever. The likes will come flooding in on Instagram.

Currently on sale for £27 at House of Fraser, this Barbour Quilted Dog Coat is ideal for dogs of all sizes. It's soft and will keep your pal warm on those frosty winter walks.

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