13 Most Expensive At-Home Exercise Equipment, Ranked

Ditch the gym membership and work out from home, in pure luxury. We scoured the internet and found the 13 most expensive at-home exercise equipment, ranked

Working out from home has taken the front seat in recent years thanks to popular fitness companies like Peloton breaking through to consumers who prefer the simplicity of getting their sweat on from home. And since the pandemic, people are looking for ways to stay in shape by purchasing machines to keep the motivation real.

Broken down into three categories, let’s dive right into some of the most luxury exercise equipment that money can buy.



13 Peloton Tread, $4,844

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The Peloton tread offers a mix of cardio and strength workouts. In 2012, Peloton emerged on the exercise scene after it was launched with the help of a Kickstarter. The Peloton brand is known to be one of the more high-quality fitness equipment out there today.


12 Technogym MyRun, $4,390

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What sets the Technogym MyRun apart from so many other commercial treadmills is its sleek, compact design. As reported by Men’s Journal, the MyRun has features that include personalized running score (which will improve as you continue to use the machine), and seamlessly integrates with an iPad app that allows you to plan workout programs.


11 Sprintbook by NOHrD, $7,799

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Made in Germany, NOHrD’s priority is to create environmentally conscious exercise equipment. If you’re searching for an aesthetically pleasing treadmill, the Sprintbook by NOHrD offers its slender curved form with an elegant wood frame. There are impressive new features that offer any fitness guru the chance to get their sweat on.


10 Technogym SkillMill, $9,075

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Fitness gurus may droll over this the Tecnhogym SkillMill. This machine offers to power your workout by combining power, speed, stamina, and agility training without utilizing an electric motor. The dual handlebar features multi-drive technology that allows you to take on a variety of lateral, pushing, and pulling exercises at various resistances.




9 Peloton Bike, $2,694

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There is no need for spin classes at a gym with the Peloton bike. This exercise equipment brings you the most convenient and immersive indoor cycling experience, streaming daily live classes from the New York City studio directly into your home.

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8 Technogym Group Cycle Ride, $2,050

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The Group Cycle Ride is known for its easy-to-use ON THE FLY seating. Cycle with the best of them with this bike’s unique design and front-of-the-line technology.

7 NOHrD Bike, $3,599

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This exercise bike from NOHrD offers the same elegant wood design as their treadmill. According to duPont Daily, the NOHrD Bike is extremely durable, perfectly suited for professional use in the fitness studio or home gym.




6 Tonal, $2,995

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The Tonal device offers 200 pounds of resistance in a device smaller than a flatscreen television and boasted as being “an entire gym on your wall.” Fitness fanatics can have it all with the Tonal, as it offers workouts such as barre, yoga, meditation, strength, and kickboxing, according to the Tonal website.


5 Hydrow Rower, $2,199

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Perhaps it’s the computer-controlled resistance that makes health buffs adore the Hydro Rower; or, it could be its Live Outdoor Reality™ technology that allows every user to feel like they are rowing on an actual river. Whatever it may be, the Hydrow Rower is one of the top rowing machines on the market.


4 Louis Vuitton Dumbbells, $2,720

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Get your sweat on in style. Each weight is made from lustrous metal and finished with an eye-catching Monogram Eclipse canvas handle and House signature engravings.


3 HOCK DISKUS Dumbbell Set, $16,425

This set of dumbbells is different from all the others, in the fact that they are made from sustainable wood and made with non-reactive stainless steel and Italian leather.


2 MIRROR, $1,495

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This ultra-smart device is taking the fitness at-home experience by storm. Not only is this a piece of equipment that takes up no space on your floor, but it offers a jam-pack of fitness options. The MIRROR is a personal trainer that offers kickboxing, yoga, and cardio, transporting you right into the ring and studio.


1 Technogym Kinesis PERSONAL VISION, $$15,750.00

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If there ever was the holy grail of at-home exercise equipment, the Technogym Kinesis PERSONAL VISION is it. This ultimate luxurious item offers the chance for anybody to rediscover and improve strength, coordination, flexibility, posture control, and breathing control.


Those are the 13 most expensive at-home exercise equipment, ranked. If you’re fortunate enough to own of these items to get your sweat on, consider yourself lucky.

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