50 Cent Won’t Stop Attacking Wendy Williams: The Only Thing She Can Do To End It

Wendy Williams seems to have a permanent bulls eye on her back when it comes to taking disses from 50 Cent on Instagram. There’s one thing she could do it end it, though it likely won’t happen.

50 Cent is absolutely merciless when it comes to attacking talk show host Wendy Williams on Instagram. His latest barb came on Aug. 23 when he reposted a photo comedian Tiffany Haddish shared with her pal Wendy over her left shoulder, writing. “👀Tiffany wait, there’s a monster on your shoulder don’t move. What ever you do don’t look to your left. LOL” and called Wendy “ugly.” “Fifty Cent has felt incredibly disrespected by Wendy Williams for years, so he has zero plans of ever stopping from making fun of her on social media. He has no regrets and doesn’t feel badly at all. He feels Wendy has come at him for years and years,” a source close to Fiddy tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“It’s partially in good fun because he knows it gets to her, but at the same time, Fifty is one to speak how he feels and he thinks she took things way too far for way too long. He knows people love a good laugh over this, too, which is all the more reason for him to keep digging on her. In Fifty’s eyes, this feud isn’t ending anytime soon until she issues a very public apology to him,” our insider adds.

We talked to the 44-year-old Power star about what his beef with Wendy is and he told us EXCLUSIVELY at a July 28 event for the Starz show why he goes after her. “I don’t like her. You know why? She said things about me consistently over the years and it was at points that I was not necessarily in control of the things that she was talking about and you’ll find it’s really not…” Fif told us EXCLUSIVELY. “

“When you’re sensitive to certain things that people are really not just using it for their personal content and gain. But now that she’s successful, I can say things about her. If she wasn’t as successful, I wouldn’t even be talking about her. It would be me bullying a woman,” he continued.

Things really intensified between the pair in Oct. of 2017, after Fiddy set a countdown clock to not having to pay ex Shaniqua Tompkins child support for their son Marquise, then joked about throwing “child support release party.” Wendy did not find any humor in that, taking him to task in her Hot Topics and told him to “Get a life.” That really set him off and ever since he’s been absolutely relentless towards Wendy on social media. She returns for season 11 of The Wendy Williams Show on Sept. 16 so we’ll if she has anything to say about his latest comments.

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