6 Newlywed Brides Reveal How They Chose The Song They Walked Down The Aisle To

Planning your wedding day can be super overwhelming because you might want everything to feel absolutely perfect. But there’s just so much to plan. You have to choose the cake, the dress, the florist, the color scheme, the theme, the songs — and that’s just to name a few. If walking down the aisle is something you see in your future, organizing every aspect of your special day can be stressful. But some decisions are easier than others, and when it came time for these brides to chose the song they walked down the aisle to, most of them just had a feeling. The songs had an emotional connection to a part of their love story, a meaningful name that struck a chord (literally), or they just felt right.

It’s important to remember that above all else, it’s you and bae’s special day — not anyone else’s. There will be things you choose together, like the cake, your first dance song, or the color scheme, and then there are some aspects of the wedding that are completely up to you. You get to choose your outfit. You get to choose who (if anyone) walks you down the aisle, and you get to choose the song you walk to. If you prefer to go the more traditional route with the "Wedding March," that’s great! If you go a more personal route with a song that means a lot to you or to you and your partner, that’s also special. You set the rules on your special day. So, without further ado, here’s how six brides chose the song they walked down the aisle to.

1This couple just knew.

Olivia, 24

2Deciding on a song was hard, but they went with the one that really spoke to their love.

Sandra, 27

3This couple took a more classic route.

Julie, 26

4This bride also went a more traditional route, but later added her own personal touch.

Jackie, 29

5And this bride went with the song that she felt a strong personal connection to.

Isabel, 23

6This bride truly embraced the fun aspect of her wedding day.

Riley, 24

Whether you stick to the traditional "Wedding March," choose a song that holds a special place in your heart, or compromise and do both, it’s going to be perfect because you and your partner will have chosen it. In the end, it all comes down to spending forever with the love of your life, and that’s what truly matters. Everything else is just the icing on the wedding cake. (Pun intended.)

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