74 Group Chat Names For 4 Best Friends Who Have Lots To Taco ‘Bout

Having a solid crew is everything, and lucky for you, you’re blessed with the best. You’re not going strong with just one best friend — you have three. That means your group chat is always lighting up your phone. You can’t go a day without checking in with your besties to see what everyone’s up to. That’s why you need group chat names for four best friends.

Group chats are so popular right now. You are part of multiple threads on your phone. Between texts, Facebook messages, and Snapchat convos, your phone constantly has notifications. With all of those conversations going on, you want to be a good texter and reply back ASAP. It definitely helps you to keep up when you have your chats organized with fun names. It can either be something like an inside joke, or a punny name that perfectly describes your squad.

There might be a million ideas going through your head, but you can only choose one. To help make the process a bit easier, I’ve collected 74 group chat names that are absolutely perfect for four best friends. Send this list to your chat, and see what name is dubbed the group favorite. Then, assign your chat an official name and get right back to finalizing your Friday night plans with your crew.

1. The Fantastic Four

2. Fun-tastic Four

3. Sex And The City

4. The Ghostbusters

5. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

6. My Entourage

7. We’re Off To See The Wizard

8. Turtley Awesome Crew

9. Four Love Of The Friends

10. The Golden Girls

11. The A-Team

12. Met-A-Four

13. The Fantastic Forks

14. Loki And Four

15. Doughnut Know What I’d Do Without

16. Pizza My Heart

17. Four Sisters

18. Mermaid To Be Besties

19. Bae-Goals

20. Four Score

21. Birds Of A Feather

22. #SquadGoals

23. Shrimply The Best

24. The Four Musketeers

25. Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

26. Used To Call Me On My Shell Phone

27. The Dream Team

28. Core Four

29. Quad Squad

30. Meme Team

31. The Coven

32. Supernovas

33. Best Friends Four Life

34. Kind Of A Big Dill

35. Pawesome Friends

36. Hap-Bee Together

37. The Beatles

38. Queen

39. Little Mix

40. My Beys

41. The OG Four

42. The Four Seasons

43. Four Corners

44. Four Sure

45. Express Yourself

46. The Spice Girls

47. Gossip Girls

48. The Fab Four

49. Dumbledore’s Army

50. Squad Goals

51. Just Peachy

52. Fantastic Friends

53. Peachy Queens

54. Love You So Matcha

55. My Lucky Charms

56. Awesome Blossoms

57. Lava My Friends

58. Four Koalaty Friends

59. Lettuce Be Friends Four-Ever

60. Love You Berry Much

61. Four Fineapples

62. Teariffic Friends

63. Let’s Start A Band

64. The Band’s All Here

65. Ketchup With Friends

66. Olive My Friends

67. Oh Ship, My Friends

68. My Best-Teas

69. Four Real Friends

70. Aloha My Beaches

71. Love From My Head Tomatoes

72. I Could Text Four-Ever

73. Turn Down For Brunch

74. The Cherry Best

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