8 best walking leggings for 2021: From Lululemon and Sweatybetty to M&S

THE best walking leggings are a great essential buy for those planning any hikes, or long walks.

Fortunately, there is a whole host of designs to choose from whatever your level of fitness. But trust us, you'll know when you've found a pair of the best walking leggings.

While some may prefer crop leggings for walking, others prefer longer fits.

Whether you are taking a leisurely stroll or a long-distance brisk power walk, the key feature when buying walking leggings is that they provide support and comfort, and even a little bit of style.

The material is also important and dependent on your needs; while some may prefer lightweight garments during warmer months, others may be looking for leggings that are waterproof to protect them from the mud, rain and other elements.

We have found the best walking leggings of 2021 to suit everyone's needs and budgets and to make your shopping spree a little bit easier.

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