8 Celebrities Who Predicted Their Success On Twitter

Life for most people is all about the journey of discovering yourself. It is about finding out who we want to be, what are the strengths and weaknesses and how can we make difference in this world throughout our lifetime. Sometimes it is difficult to ascertain what we want in time and how we want to spend our time in this life, and for that reason these celebrities can really inspire you about finding yourself. These celebrities not only succeeded in their career choice, they were also able to predict that they are going to make.

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8 Lil Nas X

American rapper, singer, and songwriter Lil Nas X has posted a video on the internet on January 8, 2019 where he reflects on the fact that he just reached about 3,000 followers on Instagram, about 2,000 subscribers on YouTube and about 1,000 followers on his Spotify. In the said video, he said that he will hit the fans back a year later and they’re going to see where he will be at. True to his words, he is now a successful rapper with about $7 million net worth.

7 Demi Lovato

American singer, songwriter, and actor Demi Lovato did not predict her rise to stardom but rather she predicted her success on performing at some different prestigious events. Lovato tweeted on February 7,2010 that one day she will be able to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Just about ten years after her tweet, she was able to sing the anthem at the Super Bowl even in 2020. She also predicted her Grammy nomination as well via a tweet. In 2015 she tweeted that she would want to be nominated for a Grammy award and was nominated just two years after her tweet in 2017.

6 Zendaya

American actress and singer Zendaya has did not predict her rise to stardom but rather she predicted her success on being the cover of a teenage magazine Seventeen magazine in 2012. In 2012, Zendaya tweeted that she had a blast, which is not clear whether she enjoyed reading the magazine or she enjoyed working on an interview for the magazine, nevertheless, she said that she will be on the cover one day. True to her words, she snagged a feature and landed to be the magazine’s cover in the October 2016 issue, just four years after she tweeted about it.

5 Issa Rae

American actress, writer, and producer Issa Rae predicted on her tweet that she will be a more successful version of herself someday. Issa Rae stole the hearts of the nation with her character on Insecure. She tweeted about growing up and wanting to be a much more successful version of herself. Just over a decade after her tweet, she was able to star in different shows like The Hate U Give, Hair Love, and Saturday Night Live. She has also starred in about seven music videos and has already accepted a BET Award.

4 Patrick Mahomes

American football quarterback Patrick Mahomes predicted that he will be will be winning the Super Bowl one and that he would be going to the Walt Disney World after winning. He tweeted that it would feel amazing winning the Super Bowl as a quarterback and saying that it would be lovely to go to the Disney World. Just after seven years after his tweet, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs not only made it to the Super Bowl, they also went home to win the title against the San Francisco 49ers. And Mahomes was even named as the MVP of Super Bowl LIV. When he was being interviewed by Fox News right after winning, he blurted out that he’s going to the Disney World.

3 Lili Reinhart

Psh, I wish. In my dreams

— Lili Reinhart (@lilireinhart) May 1, 2017


Riverdale Star Lili Reinhart said that it was always her dream to attend the prestigious event Met Gala in 2017 when a fan asked her if she was going to attend it. Just after two years of her tweeting about it, she was finally able to attend the event as her dream became a reality walking into the red carpet of Met Gala in a Marie Antoinette-style ensemble in 2019. She again attended the event on 2021 with a pastel-pink Christian Siriano dress designed with flowers.

2 Diamond DeShields

American professional basketball player for the Chicago Sky of the WNBA Diamond DeShields has always had the dreams of becoming a professional basketball player since 2013. She tweeted in 2013 that she cannot wait to finally play for the WNBA and sure enough, just five years after her tweets, she was able to join the sports when she was picked as the third overall pick in the WNBA draft. She is currently playing for the Chicago Sky.

1 Bubba Wallace

American race car driver Bubba Wallace predicted that he will be competing in the nationwide series of NASCAR Cup Series. He tweeted that he kept dreaming about racing in the nationwide series throughout the year and that same year, he did compete in the racing competition. Currently, he has competed full time at the NASCAR Cup Series where he completed 148 races in the span of five years.

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