9 Celebs Who All Launched Brand New Skincare Lines

"I really took my time on the formulas, to make sure that when people get it, they separate that from [it being] a 'celebrity brand'"

Skin care has become an important part of many people’s daily routines — and no one knows that better than celebrities. With a job that depends almost entirely on their appearance, celebs are obligated to take good care of their skin. Over the years, these stars have learned a few tips and tricks when it comes to the skin care department and many of them now want to pass on the lessons they’ve learned to the public.

This desire to share has created an influx of celebrity skin care lines filled with everything from  toners to cleansers to firming serums. And nowadays, stars don’t just slap their name on any old item. They do the research, consult with professionals, and test things out. These celebs stand by their products — and they actually use them, too!

Here are 9 celebs with new skincare lines…

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1. Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber is the most recent celebrity to launch her own skin care line, unveiling Rhode in mid-2022. The model explained that she’s always been invested in caring for her skin, starting when she was just a little girl and her mother taught her about keeping skin hydrated. When she decided to begin her own brand, she enrolled in a dermatology course and turned to other stars with lines, like Kim Kardashian. She finally settled on three products to share with the world — a peptide serum, a barrier restore cream and a peptide lip treatment.

“These are the three main things I would die without if I didn’t have them with me on an airplane. Like the perfect pair of jeans that you keep going back to or the perfect little black dress. I wanted to do the same thing with skincare,” Hailey told Byrdie.

2. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian recently relaunched her beauty brand as skin care line SKKN by Kim, which included nine different items in its initial drop. Kim explained that she didn’t want to be just another celebrity brand so she put very careful consideration into each product — from the formulations to its very sleek packaging. She admits that the products even sometimes went through 25 different iterations before she deemed them perfect.

“The factories that I worked with said that products usually go through maybe five iterations of that product — and I went through between 20 and 25 on each product. I really took my time on the formulas, to make sure that when people get it, they separate that from [it being] a ‘celebrity brand,'” Kim told Vogue.

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3. Jennifer Lopez

In early 2021, Jennifer Lopez launched JLo Beauty, her own line of skincare products. Jennifer says she decided to finally create the line after frequently being asked about how she cares for her skin. The new collection includes eight items, ranging from a cleanser to an eye cream to her own supplement, all which address inflammation.

“When I started delving more into skin care, I learned that inflammation is what causes aging. You need to attack the inflammation with a great topical and a hydrating routine. It was important for my line to have a supplement, serum, cleanser, sunscreen, and night cream. Our sunscreen, which you should apply every single day, has SPF 30 in it and can be used as a moisturizer. For the collection, we landed on a total of eight products that address plumpness, tightness, and luminosity to achieve that JLo glow,” Jennifer told InStyle.

4. Kate Upton

Model Kate Upton turned her attention to skincare in 2021, teaming up with HatchBeauty Brands to launch her own wellness brand called Found Active. In addition to several supplements, the line also includes face and body spray, exfoliating pads and face serums.

“All of these things help you live the best, more fulfilled life or they aid you to be able to do that. Everyone is so busy these days and having that extra energy boost and obviously immune support is so important right now, being able to recover from a long day with your kids or working out or stressful work and having that restful sleep,” Kate told WWD.

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5. Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey recently launched SKN by LH, a five step skin care system. The complete set includes a vegan and cruelty-free cleanser, toner, vitamin C serum, peptide eye complex and niacinamide cream. Lori says she decided to create the line after struggling with her skin for many years.

“Skincare is something that I’ve been obsessed with since I was a little girl. I have extremely sensitive skin. I have rosacea, which is a condition where your skin gets extremely red, you can breakout, you have like little acne bumps. It’s not fun. Growing up, I was trying all these things and I was kind of messing up my skin by using products that weren’t really for sensitive skin, like using super strong exfoliators. As I got older, especially having makeup put on and taken off my face for shoots, my skin was really going through it. So I was like, ‘You know what, I am going to start my own skincare line, I can do this. I can create an easy, step by step routine for people like me,'” Lori told Nylon.

6. Vanessa Hudgens & Madison Beer

After bonding over skin care concerns, Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer teamed up with dermatologist Dr. Karen Kagha to create DNA-based skin care brand, Know Beauty. The brand offers an at-home DNA test kit which examines 46 chromosomes connected to seven factors. The results then help provide customers with beauty products tailored to their specific results.

“We both have had such a long skincare journey. We were like, ‘There should be an easier way to approach skincare, something that allows you to know what is right for your personal skin, because it’s different for everyone,'” Vanessa told BAZAAR.com.

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7. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson has been the face of several beauty brands, so she was well versed in skin care when it came to creating her own line, The Outset. She reportedly spent five years researching skin care formulations and product development before bringing the brand to life. Scarlett says the line, which includes a cleanser, serum, moisturizer, night cream and eye cream, is reflective of the simplicity of her personal routine.

“I really wanted to have my hands in all of it and it was time-consuming and challenging, especially developing this line over the pandemic but I’m so proud of our products and I am so proud of our team and the community that we’re building,” Scarlett told “Today.”

8. Naomi Osaka

In 2021, tennis superstar Naomi Osaka launched her skin care brand, Kinlò, which caters to those with darker skin tones. The line is all about protection and recovery and includes products like an eye cream and lip balm. She even created a sunscreen that was made specifically for melanin-rich skin that blends without a whitish cast.

“What I care about most is educating people, building awareness, and hopefully saving some lives. I didn’t realize the importance of protecting my skin until I was an adult, so I hope the brand can help teach a younger generation better skincare habits…The possibilities are endless, and we’ll continue to build out and focus on making products that are specifically formulated for melanated skin,” Naomi told Oprah Daily.

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9. Ellen DeGeneres

Shortly before “The Ellen Show” wrapped up, Ellen DeGeneres launched her own “age-positive skin care” line called Kind Science. When creating the brand, Ellen says she aimed for the company to be “kind to animals, kind to your skin, kind to the planet and kind to your wallet.” The line, which is a collaboration with skin care expert Victoria Jackson, has seven products so far which includes a cleanser, firming serum, and eye cream.

“It’s not about ‘anti-aging’ because I think aging is a good thing. It means you’ve lived a lot, learned a lot — and hopefully laughed a lot! I want to embrace life and want others to do that, too, with the support of skincare that gives you real, age-positive results. We’ve harnessed the power of some of the earth’s most innovative ingredients to address the laugh lines you might’ve gained along the way. And I didn’t want to compromise the things that matter to me — caring for yourself, animals and the planet. I want to keep laughing, just with fewer laugh lines and wrinkles,” Elle said on the site.

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