A Great White Shark Leapt Out of the Water Inches Away From a Young Boy

It’s not even August, and summer 2019 has already blessed us with a swimming tarantula, a possum-killing spider, and a python that swallowed a crocodile whole. Every time a new photo or video of a terrifying creature surfaces on the internet, I’m certain it will be the last time I’m made afraid to leave the house—and every time, Mother Nature proves me wrong.

Today, I present to you a great white shark that breached the water off the shore of Cape Cod.

Breaching is a hunting technique that the deadly sharks use to surprise their prey, and if you’ve ever watched Discovery’s Shark Week, then you’ve probably seen a lot of footage of great whites breaching in South Africa. It’s a commonly held belief that sharks only get airborne in the deep waters around Cape Town, but this video from the east coast of the United States clearly tells a different story.

Incredible footage today from Doug Nelson of Franklin, MA fishing aboard the Columbia out of Rock Harbor in Orleans. @MA_Sharks pic.twitter.com/rK3yk5j6SG

In the shocking clip, a great white is filmed leaping out of the water to snap up a fish being reeled in by a passenger on the boat. The scariest part? The shark made the attack just a few feet in front of a young boy who was standing near the boat’s edge.

“Holy shizzle! Dad, that was at my fingers. I almost don’t have arms,” the boy says.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy confirmed on Twitter that the shark in question was in fact a great white, although experts were unable to determine its size.

Holy shizzle is right, kid.

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