Aaron Rodgers Says His Future Is a 'Beautiful Mystery' Ahead of NFC Championship Game

Aaron Rodgers isn't thinking about hanging up his jersey anytime soon.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday about the Green Bay Packers' upcoming NFC Championship Game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the quarterback said he's not looking at Sunday's face-off as his last chance to make it to the Super Bowl.

"I'm always just trying to stay present, especially this year as much as anything, and enjoy the moments," Rodgers said.

The 37-year-old athlete — who last appeared in the Super Bowl 10 years ago — said while he is hoping for "more opportunities" on the field, he knows it is ultimately "out of [his] control" and is instead trying to focus on what's in front of him.

"My future is a beautiful mystery I think," he continued. "The present is such a gift to be able to stay in the moment and to have gratitude for being in this situation again, and being with the guys and having fans in our stadium and maybe snow in an NFC Championship Game."

"I'm going to enjoy these moments for sure, and just not worry about what happens down the line," he continued, later adding, "I don't feel any extra pressure going into this one."

Rodgers has been vocal over the years about wanting the opportunity to play the important game at home — and this Sunday, he'll get a chance to do just that when the Packers take on the Buccaneers at Lambeau Field.

However, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady isn't worried about a home team advantage.

"We've been pretty good on the road all year outside of the first game and the Chicago game," Brady, 43, said Wednesday in a team press conference. "For one reason or another, we've just done a good job. Some years it's been like that. I've been a part of other teams where it wasn't quite like that."

"Playing on the road, it's about good football, execution, communication, all the fundamentals, the blocking, tackling, throwing — all those things," he continued. "It's a great environment. This is one of the coolest stadiums in the league to play in. I know [the Packers are] excited, we'll be excited, and it will make for a great football game."

Sunday's game marks Brady's 14th trip to the conference championship and first since joining the Buccaneers.

Last month, Rodgers appeared on The Pat McAfee Show where he clarified that doesn't have any plans to retire as of yet.

"I don't think I'm done by any stretch of the imagination," he told the former Colts player. "Even though some people thought so this offseason."

Although Green Bay executives have said they hope their longtime quarterback will remain with them for "a long time," the former NFL MVP believes the end may come sooner rather than later.

During an interview with The Ringer over the summer, Rodgers said he was so surprised that the Packers selected quarterback Jordan Love in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft that he immediately had a glass of tequila.

"I was like, 'Oh, wow, okay,' " Rodgers said. "Just look at the facts. They traded up, they drafted him, obviously they like him, they wanna play him."

"I understand it's a business, I understand the nature of the business," he continued. "I'm not here advocating my spot by any means, that's not going to happen. But I understand how the business works."

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