Adam Doleac Debuts Infectious Pop Remix To His Fan-Favorite Track, ‘Famous’

Adam Doleac’s catchy country track ‘Famous’ just got a makeover & it’s equally as lovable as the original! HollywoodLife is EXCLUSIVELY premiering the song here.

Country crooner Adam Doleac just followed up his ultra catchy track “Famous” with a flawless remix. The buzzed-about track has climbed it’s way up the charts and is now on the cusp of cracking the top ten on Sirius XM! So, it’s the perfect time for the singer to release a pop-centric remix. The budding country star told HollywoodLife all about the song’s original meaning, and why he knew it was in need of a pop-leaning makeover.

“‘Famous’ actually originated when my brother was in town,” the singer says of the track. “He was visiting Nashville, having too much fun. We were getting ready to take him out on the town and my girlfriend walked down the stairs and she was wearing this kind of furry jacket that was a little more dressed up than she normally gets, and my brother looked at her and said … he goes, ‘Dang, you look famous tonight!’”

With a new spin on the track, Adam is more excited than ever. “I’m really pumped about the remix as well. The original version is kind of the most stripped back, production-wise, and simple thing that I’ve put out yet and I think watching how well it’s doing,  it’s really relatable to a lot of people and everybody can kind of get it and relate to it and feel it, and let the vocals shine through a little more,” he explains.

While the remix stays true to its roots, there’s definitely more of a pop feel to the new release. “I would say the original song is very relaxed, very kind of easy listening, and the remix definitely injects a lot of energy and excitement into the song. It’s really cool because with this song it feels so different when you listen to it. One kind of makes you want to sit back and the other one makes you feel, ‘I want to party.’ So, I’m excited for people to hear it.”

The remix is set to be featured on a full EP of remixes from the country singer. “When we put ‘Famous’ out, we were talking about the pop sensibilities of the song and how it crosses over on its own, and we actually had several people reach out asking if they could do remixes for the song. So, instead of just doing one, it’s going to be a full EP of remixes that’ll all come out on April 19th,” he excitedly reveals.

For Adam, the sky’s the limit, and he’s by no means boxing himself into one set sound. “I’ve grown up listening to the Amos Lees, the Gavin DeGraws and John Mayers of music and so that kind of sound is definitely something that I want to eventually cross over into and be able to hit that kind of market and that’s one thing we’re doing with this remix, is we’re going to try that out and see how it works. You know, obviously, I started in country and country has such a great fanbase, but being able to cross over to that eventually is definitely a goal of mine.”

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