Adult star on life in Playboy Mansion where she only spoke to Hefner via letters

Porn star Tasha Reign has revealed the bizarre method she used to communicate with Hugh Hefner while staying at his infamous Playboy Mansion.

Hefner, who launched Playboy magazine with Marilyn Monroe as its first cover star, used to hold legendary parties at his LA mansion.

The wild gatherings were popular with some of showbiz’s most famous stars, including Elvis Presley, who reportedly once spent a night with eight Playboy Bunnies.

Tasha, 32, got to know the porn magnate, who died in 2017, only towards the end of his life, but said he still radiated energy.

“When I was around Hef was a quiet man because he was getting very old but he was jolly and he had this energy,” she told the Adult Empire Podcast Channel.

“I loved his house and the environment that he created there with all the women and the movies and the fun in the sun. He was just this laid back, happy, pretty entertaining guy.”

Tasha then revealed a rather unusual way she would "communicate" with the magnate.

“I was such a big fan that I just liked to be at his table, eating dinner and hanging out with him, even if it was me writing him little letters," she continued.

“He had an old envelope-type thing on his staircase that I could slip little letters into, and that’s how I would communicate with him.”

She added: “He was very old and I was very shy. I was much more submissive I think than I am today. But it was an honour to be in his presence.”

But the wild antics and themes of the Playboy Mansion would never happen today, Tasha said.

She admitted Hefner was "from a different era" to current times with the #MeToo movement.

Tasha said: “I have read snippets of different people’s books that are much closer, that were his girlfriends – I was never his girlfriend – and they have said all sorts of horrendous things, and I’m sure it’s all true.

“That’s the trickiest part about what we are going through as a society.

“A tricky thing to grasp is this man could be an awesome artist. This man could be really kind and really nice to certain people.”

But she claimed he "could also be a predator" and it has been "hard to wrap your head around that".

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