Airbnb and hotel fails enough to make us happy we can't go on holiday

Staying home doesn’t seem so bad! Outrageous hotel fails including an inflatable pool and a poster instead of a real view will make you glad you can’t go on holiday

  • The pictures of the hilarious fails were compiled in a gallery by Traveler Door 
  • One snap shows a bathroom door with a chunk out of it so it can fit past the toilet
  • Another shows stunning sea view from the window which is actually a picture 

From a scenic skyline view from a hotel window which turned out to be a picture to confusing room numbers, these hilarious Airbnb and hotel fails are enough to make you glad you can’t go on holiday.   

In a gallery compiled by Traveler Door, these snaps show some of the worst fails from rooms in hotels from around the world, such as one built in front of a power station and another with an inflatable pool inside a regular one.  

Another snap shows a balcony not even big enough for someone’s foot to rest on and a bathroom door with a chunk cut out to fit around the toilet.  

That’s helpful! In a gallery compiled by Traveler Door, these snaps show some of the worst fails from rooms in hotels around the world, including these very confusing room numbers 

Very safe! A guest was left with many questions, including what this cable coming out of the wall was powering

Great spelling! A nice romantic touch for a honeymoon turned hilarious when the words ‘happy honey moom’ were written on the bed in rose petals 

Helpful! Any wheelchair user would be left horrified to see this epic design fail at a hotel 

Just what they needed! Many hotels have small fridges in rooms for guests, but one took mini to a new level by putting one in that was only big enough for a banana 

So near yet so far! One hotel, which cannot be faulted for its spacious bathroom, may have made an error by putting the toilet roll so far away 

What a view! Even looking over the car park would have been better than a boarded up window 

Better than nothing! One large swimming pool had been drained at the hotel, but they didn’t leave the guests totally disappointed by filling an inflatable pool instead 

Terrifying! These unusual stairs, which stick out at angles only just big enough to place your foot, look extremely difficult to walk down 

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Smart thinking! The problem of a small bathroom was helped by some smart thinking, when a hotel opted to cut a section of their door out to fit round the toilet 

Lots of room! There’s no point boasting of a balcony at your accommodation if it’s not even big enough to put your foot on 

Lovely sights! This hotel offering a glimpse of the ocean between two buildings was outragesouly advertising a sea view 

Fancy a game? Instead of a swimming pool, this hotel has covered the area and put a pool table over the top

Lovely surroundings! Some hotels don’t live up to the pictures, like one which is built in front of a power plant

Picture perfect! One cheeky hotel added a picturesque skyline and skyline snap to a wall outside this hotel room to make the view better 

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