And Just Like That Finale Recap: Carrie Moves On from Big with [SPOILER]

Miranda blows up her life — before a big development with Samantha.

And just like that, the first season of “And Just Like That …” is over.

There’s no official green light for a second season of the “Sex and the City” revival — and Thursday’s finale could work as a fairly clean ending for the show, should they decide against coming back. That being said, there are enough open threads dangling here for a second season and we have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte.

Warning: We’re about to get into spoiler territory, so stop reading now unless you’ve already watched the episode.

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This whole season has been about Carrie dealing with the death of her husband, Mr. Big. Viewers have seen her navigate grief, move back into her famous brownstone and even attempt to start dating again.

Following one date that ended with both parties throwing up all over each other and another where they went their separate ways immediately after meeting up, Carrie and Peter the widowed math teacher gave it one last go in the finale. Thankfully, nobody vomited this time and the date ended with a sweet kiss outside her place. They agreed they “did pretty okay for two heartbroken people,” but after, Carrie just wasn’t feeling that spark.

She texted Samantha after the date, saying she kissed somebody new. “The first of many,” Samantha replied, before asking how it was. “It wasn’t Big,” said Carrie, leading Samantha to joke, “So, it was small.” When Carrie asked if she wanted to talk, for real, over the phone, she simply replied, “Soon.” It’s clear the frost between them has started to thaw, following their falling-out between the second movie and this new series — though Samantha still had some hesitations about diving fully back into the friendship.

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After meeting up with Big’s brother — who wanted to know what was going on with John’s ashes and offered up space for him and Carrie in the family plot — Carrie started thinking seriously about what to do with his remains. That night, she had a dream about being in Paris, where she heard Big’s favorite song, Todd Rundgren’s “Hello It’s Me.” It’s clear Chris Noth was meant to be in this dream sequence, as Carrie turned to look at someone and even said the next day that he appeared to her in her sleep, but he was cut from the finale after the sexual assault allegations against him dropped.

The dream confirmed to Carrie that she should release his ashes at the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris — the same bridge where he told her she was “the one” in the original series finale —  on the one-year anniversary of his death. So, she did just that.

Dressed in her most fabulous orange gown and hot pink gloves, she teared up releasing his ashes from an Eiffel Tower clutch over the Seine. After getting that closure, she also got some with Samantha, who lives in Paris herself. Asked whether she wanted to meet for a drink, Samantha replied, “How’s tomorrow night?” Carrie’s reaction: “FABULOUS.” No, Kim Cattrall didn’t pop up — and likely never will — but at least we know all is well between the two former friends.

The episode ended with Carrie hosting her own relationship advice podcast — titled, what else, “Sex and the City” — after Che quit their other show (more on that in a minute).

Though we’ve only seen them talk two or three times the whole season, there were clearly some sparks between Carrie and her boss/producer Franklin and, after their first “SATC” podcast, the two shared a moment in the elevator, before she grabbed him for a kiss. That’s where the episode ended, with Carrie officially getting her mojo back with a job she’s passionate about and a man who excites her. Unfortunately, those Aidan Shaw rumors — which John Corbett himself started — never came to fruition. Maybe next season!

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When it comes to both Miranda and Charlotte, the former had a lot more going on, thanks to her relationship with Che.

Miranda started the episode excited to meet Che’s family. But when she, Diaz and Che’s two grandmothers met up at a club, Che dropped a bomb on them all by singing the Beach Boys’ “California Girls” on the microphone and revealing they were headed to Los Angeles to film a television pilot. Though Miranda was understandably annoyed Che didn’t have a conversation with her privately and give her a heads up before breaking the news to everyone, she decided to drop everything in her own life to follow her other half to the West Coast.

With that, Che quit the podcast, while Miranda told her professor, Nya, she’d be finishing the semester remotely and giving up her internship at Human Rights Watch. Nya was “selfishly disappointed” — only because she hoped they’d hang out more while her husband left on tour — and gave Miranda a bit of a guilt trip after she pulled some strings to get her the internship, but was otherwise supportive.

Carrie wasn’t 100% on board with the news though, wondering what the hell Miranda would even be doing while Che worked on a television pilot. Though clearly frustrated by all the impulsive changes in her friend’s life, some advice from a trans rabbi listening to them bicker from inside a bathroom stall set them both straight — as they realized their friendship “is precious and worth protecting.”

Miranda was last seen heading to Los Angeles — once again rocking her red hair.

As for Charlotte, well, she spent the episode freaking out about Rock’s “they-mitzvah,” for which her child was extremely unprepared. In the end, Rock bailed day-of and Charlotte wound up getting her own bat mitzvah instead.

The entire first season of “And Just Like That …” is streaming now on HBO Max.

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