'Apology Dinner' Fascinates the Internet After Woman Claims Potluck Ruined Hers

Don’t you just HATE it when someone ruins your apology dinner by bringing potluck?

If your reaction to the above sentence was “wut?” — well, you’re not alone.

“Apology Dinner” trended on Twitter on Thursday after one woman asked Reddit on the popular “Am I The A–hole?” sub if she was in the wrong by asking attendees to bring dishes to hers.

According to the Original Poster, her mother had decided to host an Apology Dinner for her older sister; with the mom “busy writing her apology and whatnot”, the OP was left in charge of food and beverages. But when the guest list unexpectedly expanded, she decided to make it a potluck affair (“Pot luck is where all the adult guests bring a dish, and all the dishes are shared”, she helpfully explained).

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“Of course, I never asked my sister to bring any food because she was the guest of honor,” she went on. “Well, everyone came over and we are all excited to listen to the apology and eat.”

But when the sister arrived, she flipped out at her sibling for daring to ask everyone else to cook, when it should have been their mom slaving in the kitchen.

“My sister yelled at me that the Apology Meal should be prepared (or at least paid for) by the apologizer (my mom) in order to show proper atonement,” she lamented. “We went forward with the Apology Dinner, but my sister call me the As–hole for undermining the apology.”

She asked Reddit: “Am I the a–hole for arranging potluck for my sister’s Apology Dinner?

As it happened, nobody knew the answer… because nobody knew what the hell an Apology Dinner was.

“I like the way OP explained what a potluck was but acted as if an apology dinner was a universal thing,” one responder marveled.

“OP: let me explain what “pot luck” means. Also OP: ….but everyone obviously knows what an apology dinner is so I’m going to breeze right over that,” another agreed.

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“the best thing about this is how he spends like 3 paragraphs explaining potluck and zero syllables on what the actual f— an “apology dinner” is supposed to be? Does it mean the food is sorry or the people are?” a third wondered.

Invested in the drama, the internet was left wondering what on Earth had warranted the apology in the first place?

“And if you screw up at the apology dinner, do you have to throw an apology apology dinner?’ the questions dominoed.

“If the person apologizing isn’t really sorry – do they make sure the food is bad?”

Further down in the comments, the OP revealed that the mother had tried to break the sister and her boyfriend up — but that it didn’t work — meaning he would likely be at the apology dinner, making it even more awkward than any Redditor imagined.

See more Twitter reactions to the whole situation below:

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