Apparently Every Single Celebrity Owns This Under-$100 Slip-On Ugg


Twenty-twenty is the year for Uggs. Supermodels made that clear when they started wearing the popular boots out in public as early as August. That's not standardly Ugg season, but they were clearly excited. So excited they even started to venture into hot pink Ugg boot territory. Apparently no Ugg is too controversial for 2020.

Hillary Duff is the most recent celebrity to be spotted wearing Uggs out in public. The actress is currently in New York filming the latest season of Younger and was photographed on set wearing the best-selling Ugg Scufette II slipper and a Retrofete embellished wrap dress.

The Scufette slipper has a bit of a reputation. It has nearly 2,000 perfect reviews on Nordstrom with over 1,800 people currently viewing the pair at the time of this article being written. They're not just popular with Nordstrom shoppers either. They are a Hollywood staple and very likely the most photographed pair of Uggs ever.

Apparently celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Madonna have also worn the Scufette while on set filming or right before a concert performance. Aside from having a charming name, the Scufette clearly has range. The slipper is easy to wear and somehow looks good even with an embellished wrap dress, as demonstrated by Duff. It's also the perfect shoe for these times since all you need to do is slip it on. And it's clearly an investment because if all these celebrity Ugg sightings tell us anything it's this: Ugg season is far from over.

Get the look:

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Ugg Shearling Slide

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