Aquarius named worst zodiac sign to live with due to ‘argumentative’ nature

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Aquarius has been named the worst zodiac sign to live with during lockdown due to their 'argumentative' nature.

The research was carried out by brand Psychic Sofa.

With people spending more time with each other at home with their family or housemates due to the lockdown restrictions, it's important to get on with those you live with.

However, you might be in for a tougher time if those you're haring a house with are an Aquarian, who are born between January 20 and February 18.

A Psychic Sofa representative said: "Aquarians are named as the most difficult Zodiac sign to live with as they are the least likely to give up during an argument due to their stubborn nature.

"Their refusal to back down and see their partners’ point of view, or understand their feelings, has been a cause of couples breaking up while in isolation."

The research found Brits with the Aquarius Zodiac sign have had the least patience in lockdown, and like to stand their ground when there is a heated conversation amongst partners, friends or family members.

The rep continued: "People with this Zodiac sign can easily become irritated by criticism, and can be incredibly stubborn when listening to other people's thoughts or opinions – especially when they don’t agree with them."

Taurus came in second place, followed by Scorpio and Leo, while Aries finished up the top five.

The rep added: "Tauruses come in second place, with a similar attitude to lockdown relationships, as they are equally as stubborn and refuse to listen to other peoples’ feedback about their behaviour.

"Scorpios are another difficult Zodiac sign to live with during lockdown, as they are very passionate about what they believe in, and often don't like to budge over anything that they feel strongly about, especially when it comes to their opinions."

According to the data, Leo and Aries signs are often difficult to live with as they like to have control and are less lively to compromise than others.

"Men or women with this star sign will more than likely walk away during an argument, as they refuse to find common ground if they believe they are right," the rep said.

Talking about the data, astrological reader, Stephanie Pearce, at Psychic Sofa, added: “The pandemic has put a lot of pressure on couples who are living together, and it’s important to understand that when arguments happen, it’s not always personal.

"Having more clarity about your partner's behaviour will allow you to find a solution and move forward as you will be able to understand when the person you love needs space, and how best to deal with problems as they arise.”

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