Architect designs GENIUS in-built drying rack

Architect designs GENIUS in-built drying rack for clothes below the kitchen sink

  • A German architects has revealed the secret clothes line in his laundry room
  • The Melbourne father was sick of clunky, free-standing, collapsible drying racks 
  • The rack can support 65 kilograms of weight and slides neatly away every time

An architect has revealed how he designed a clothes drying rack under the sink in his laundry after becoming frustrated with collapsible options.

German-born father, Wilko Dohring, 46, added the hidden rack to his mid-century Melbourne home and says it is much better as it folds away neatly and doesn’t get in the way.

The rack folds out of a drawer beneath the sink and can be extended to fit more washing on if needed.

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German-born architect, Wilko Dohring, 46, has been renovating his mid-century Melbourne home

The rack folds out of a drawer beneath the sink and can be extended to fit more washing on if needed

The father has a TikTok account dedicated to his incredible home renovations and told Daily Mail Australia he loves getting on the tools as well as designing clever storage solutions.

‘I just disliked that something else is just standing around and bashes against walls etc so I had a go to integrate it in a draw – walls got always damaged with the drying rack so this solution avoids just that,’ he said.

His ironing board is also hidden away in a purpose-built drawer in the laundry.

The architect says the drying rack is rated for 65 kilograms, making it sturdy enough for most people’s washing needs.

‘That’s impressive, I would have been concerned it would sag with a full load of washing, great idea,’ one woman said.

While others said the found the rack to be a great alternative to hanging everything outside.

‘I have extreme hay fever and can’t dry things outside so this is perfect,’ one woman said.  

But not everyone was sold on the idea of the in-built rack.

He also designed this ironing board which tucks neatly away in the drawer next to the rack

Some claim it is ‘totally useless’ because it blocks off the laundry counter.

‘You can’t use the counter or drawers, you can’t use pegs, you can’t hang long things without creases, the water drips on the floor and you need a large room,’ one man complained.

Some people were confused and thought the rack was for dishes rather than clothes.

And others thought the rack was in a kitchen and couldn’t understand why clothes would be dried there.

But people rushed to the architects defense and explained the room was a laundry rather than a kitchen.

The rack packs neatly under the laundry sink once it is no-longer required

Others explained washing from a machine doesn’t typically drip, so the floor would be fine.  

He also clarified a few of the other concerns people had, saying he uses the line when it is raining outside and can still access the sink and backdoor when it is in use. 

The father’s video has been watched 630,000 times. 

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