Are Lauren and Cameron From ‘Love Is Blind’ Still Together?

The finale to Netflix’s “Love is Blind” has been revealed, unleashing an emotional wave of broken hearts and shattered engagements across the the internet.

Warning — “Love is Blind” finale spoilers below.

After several on-the-altar dismissals and full on “the wedding is canceled” speeches, it was contestants Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, who salvaged most of the reality tv “experiment” proving that, yes, perhaps love can be blind. Throughout the entire competition, from pods to meeting the parents, the love of Lauren and Cameron never faltered. So what’s the secret? Was everything really all champagne and roses? We talked to Lauren to find out what pod love is really like, how Cameron is getting along with her Dad and what it was like housing with the other contestants.

First question, where did you get that gorgeous yellow dress you do all your interviews in? 

That is so funny. I got that dress from I want to say ASOS. I believe it was on sale, too. That was a steal, it was a good deal.

Next question, it’s been a year since filming, how are you doing? 

Oh, man. Well, a year from this, I am happy. I’m actually the happiest that I’ve ever been in my life, which is crazy, but I’m just feeling content. I’m excited. I’m feeling good, happy, and yeah, unreal.

You work as a content creator online, so what was it like to have this major thing happen in your life and have to be quiet about it for a year? Has it been difficult for you keeping this a secret?

Oh my God. It has been super difficult especially with the holidays and with us being together with our families – I couldn’t really share any of that. I had to make it look like I was by myself, even on vacation. So that was like extremely difficult for me, because I like to share little moments of my life. So that was super tough.

Your dad and Cameron, are they close now? 

We do Sunday dinners, so my dad will come over on Sunday and we’ll all cook and listen to music. And right now, I’m learning how to play chess, so they’re both teaching me chess…it’s so beautiful. Yeah, like living a family.

Why did you want to be a part of this show? 

First off, my dating life was horrendous. It was nonexistent. It was failing in so many different ways and I was really drawn to the whole concept of connecting with someone on a deeper level other than just the physical, because I feel like those relationships are the ones that really last. Just your connection with someone as a human. Your fears, what motivates you, your political stance, all that stuff. All the stuff that we usually put on the back burner aren’t priorities in relationships, sadly, nowadays, because it’s all about the double tap, and the swipe. I was really drawn to really making that connection with someone on a deeper level.

What was the hardest part of being in the pods?

I would say later in the process and really wanting to feel Cameron, and hug him and connecting more in a physical way with the other person on the side of the wall. Wanting to, I guess, go further that way. Not even in a sexual way.

When did you know that Cameron was the one?

On our third date we both cried together in the pod. We were just talking about our families, and then we just both got emotional and started crying, and I was like, “Oh my God, I have never cried with a man, being emotional, telling him about family.” And for me [I knew], “Oh yes. This man is special.”

Obviously “Love is Blind” worked out for you and Cameron, but would you recommend somebody else to do it?

Oh absolutely, because I feel like when you do it that way, you focus on the stuff that really matters. So many times when we’re dating we can get kind of lost in the setting. Sometimes staying in relationships for too long just because of the aesthetic, we overlook things that really in reality, are important to us. Just because, “Oh, this person looks good, so I’m going to stick around a little longer.”

But truthfully, if that person isn’t giving you what you want, or what you really need out of life, why are you there? I really enjoyed putting the things that are a priority to me right up front, right away. That was great. Just being myself and not having to be a representative. So many times when we date we’re acting as our representative, somebody else. So I really enjoy that aspect.

Was there anyone else that you were attracted to earlier on before Cameron? Anyone else in your journal that you underlined their name?

Hmm. For a second me and Matt [Barnett] went on a couple of dates, but after the second or third date I was just like, “No, this isn’t for me.” Really, it was kind of Cameron right away. He was the first person who I really made a deep connection with. I’ve had good conversations with other guys but most of them were friendly. Mark and I had conversations that would just be goofy, and we would laugh, but none of them were like Cameron.

So what was harder, telling your friends that you were going to go do this or coming back and saying, “I’m engaged.”

Definitely coming back, because I’m kind of sporadic anyway, so my friends expect me to do crazy — what people would label as crazy things —  but definitely coming back and saying, “No, for real y’all. I found somebody. I’m really engaged!” That was definitely harder, because people were like, “Wow, that’s a big step.” Which it is!

The only time we really saw you and Cameron struggling was when you visited his house for the first time. You seemed distant, where was your mind at that time? 

Just going to his house, I think that it was all just settling in for me, this is really going to be a whole change in my life. I’m so used to being on my own, and being independent, and being a loner in a lot of different ways. I’ll admit, I’m a hermit. I was a hermit. Seriously!

So for me it was overwhelming seeing this beautiful house and thinking like, “Wow, I could really live here, this could be my future.” It was just a lot to download at the time, even though it’s a beautiful thought. It’s still a lot to process.

Because I was thinking, what if she didn’t like the house? And you’re thinking, “Oh no, he’s already bought it.” I was worried that you were freaking out because it wasn’t your aesthetic or something like that.

Oh no, I love the house. Yeah. I’m living in the house right now…. The house is beautiful for sure. I was like, “Why does one man need all this house? This is a huge house for one person.”

Did you remodel when you moved in? Make it yours? 

Oh, of course I did. Girl, we have all types of new furniture, and rugs, and lamps, and it looks like someone really lives here now.

I’m so happy you guys are still together after all of this. What is it that’s kept you guys together this long?

Just really our love for each other. We genuinely made a real connection that’s bigger than us being physically attracted to each other. I have never been loved by a man the way that Cameron loves me, and I was telling my mom one day sometimes I feel like Cameron’s love can be overwhelming. Not in a bad way, but you know, he’s so touchy, and it’s beautiful. And I told my mom and she was like, “Well you know what, it’s probably because you’ve never been loved properly by a man like that before.” And when she told me that, that blew my… I was like, wow, because it’s so true. So really honestly to finally be a woman that’s loved properly, I’m on cloud nine. I’m so happy.

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Standing at the altar was there any doubt in your mind that Cameron would say no?

Oh, absolutely not. Cameron was all in, 10 toes down. Even when I was going through my process of kind of like, “Ah, I’m a little afraid.” Cameron never wavered. And that was another thing that really made me realize, this man has no question. He loves me. It was beautiful.

Which day out of this whole experience was the hardest for you?

The hardest day was when we went to the courthouse. I’m not sure if that’s in the show, but we actually went to get the marriage license. I was just super emotional that day, because I was going back and forth in my head. I was just scared. Throughout the process there were a lot of moments where I just felt fear. Not so much fear that I would be marrying the wrong person, but it’s just a big step in general. And it was just a total 180 from my life, from what it was, and I’m such a self-sabotager in a lot of different ways so for me it was scary to just be vulnerable.

What couple were you most surprised by the outcome? 

Definitely Amber and Barnett. At one point me and Amber were roommates and it was just like, “Oh Lord, this is a lot of craziness going on.” But surprisingly, they made it all the way to the altar. God can do miracles, can’t he?

And they’re still together!

They are. I can’t believe it.

What was it like living together, you were just down the hall from the pods.

It was literally like being in a big sorority. We all supported each other, we all cried together, we laughed together, we complained together. So really it was like a family environment. I haven’t been that close with that many girls in a long time, but it was beautiful.

Do you feel like you would do another show, or another series by yourself or as your couple? 

Oh man, I would absolutely love to do that. Especially because I feel like our story’s just starting. Now is where all the good and juicy stuff happens. You know what I mean? So I would love to do that. Absolutely.

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