Ariana Grande’s Songs About Pete Davidson Show How How In Love They Were Before The Split

Ariana Grande’s relationship with Pete Davidson was definitely one of the highlights of 2018. While the relationship was relatively short-lived, it did give lots of people reason to believe in love. From afar, the relationship between Grande and Davidson seemed solid, passionate, and full of love and respect. One thing that gave off that impression was Ariana Grande’s songs about Pete Davidson. Although she didn’t have much time to write many songs about Davidson, she did manage to squeeze a few into her work, and those songs have left a lasting impression on everyone. So, let’s review the songs that Grande created with Davidson in mind.

First, obviously, there was “Pete Davidson,” a track featured on her Sweetener album. In the song, Grande waxes poetic about her love for Davidson and how it was fate that they came together. Here’s a look at the lyrics:

In the chorus, Grande reveals that Davidson made her supremely happy:

This song was likely written in the very beginning stages of their relationship since Sweetener was released in August 2018, just three months after Grande and Davidson began their romance. In any case, it’s clear that Grande and Davidson were deeply in love at the time.

But, of course, that changed over the next few months. And that’s pretty clear from “Thank U,” Next”, a song Grande released after her split from Davidson.

“Thank U, Next” was actually dedicated to all of Grande’s ex-boyfriends. In the song, Grande mentions past loves Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Mac Miller, and Davidson. Davidson got his very own line in the first verse and Grande says that she’s thankful for him, as she’s thankful for all her exes.

Here’s what Grande sings in the first verse of “Thank U, Next”:

Although Grande says she’s grateful for her ill-fated relationship with Davidson, she’s moved on and quite happily so:

You can check out the video for “Thank U, Next” down below:

It’s pretty fascinating to see how Grande documented her relationship with Davidson through music. I’m sure there was so much more to their love than what’s in these lyrics, but these two songs at least give the world a glimpse of what they had!

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