Baby Archie Makes First Appearance On Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Africa Tour: He Looks Just Like Harry!

Baby Archie has made his first official appearance during Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal tour of Africa and fans fell in love with him immediately. They also couldn’t get over how much Archie looks just like his dad Harry.

A big day for Archie

Prince Harry and Markle shared a video and photos of the next stop on their royal tour of Africa — which included Archie this time — a meeting with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Mom Markle held Archie in her arms as they walked along, both parents talking to the baby as he smiled. Archie, dressed in a striped H&M overalls, then had a sit down with Tutu and his daughter, where he smiled and giggled.

The Archbishop’s daughter, Thandeka Tutu-Gxashe, joked aboutArchie, “You like the ladies. He’s going to be a ladies’ man.” Markleshared that “he’s an old soul” when it comes to the cameras. Prince Harryagreed, sharing, “I think he is used to it already.”

Baby Archie looks like his dad

Royal fans were thrilled to see more of four-month-old Archie and were smitten with his sweet personality and how much he looks exactly like dad Prince Harry (even with a hint of ginger red hair)!

Looking at a baby photo of Prince Harry in his mother Princess Diana’s arms aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia during a royal tour of Italy, it was easy to see how Archie is his dad’s twin.

Comments from Twitter users included: “Wow, Master Archie, looks just like Prince Harry” and “I can’t move. So many cute images! King Archie looks so much like Harry!”

Other royal fans believed that he has a bit of Markle in his features too, as one Twitter user shared: “Archie looks just like Prince Harry as a baby with Meghan’s beautiful dark brown eyes! So cute. Beautiful family.”

Another person tweeted: “Archie is such a cute boy such a mix of Harry & Meghan.”

Body language expert analyzes the meeting

During their visit with the Archbishop, Markle held baby Archie while they talked, sometimes shifting the baby’s position. Body language expert Judi James broke down the appearance, telling FEMAIL that the way Markle held on to Archie showed a “caring” nature.

She explained: ‘Meghan carries baby Archie high to her bodyand near to her own head, suggesting a desire to tune into her son and allowhim to do the same.”

James further noted: “The gesture of close contact that is as lovingly intense and empathetic as the baby-bump cradling and touch rituals she used when she was pregnant. It allows her to track his eye-gaze and responses to the world around him.”

Markle, she shared, “is clearly keen to offer security andprotection to her baby son by using this close-quarters eye contact and byclutching his arm. Her gaze clearly looks besotted as she smiles down at him.”

As for Prince Harry, he’s definitely a proud and protective dad, as James shared: “Harry walks beside Meghan and Archie, keeping at a very slight distance and a rather more formal approach at first. He’s monitoring his wife and son carefully though…”

James explained the way Harry interacted with Archie,sharing: “While Meghan’s gestures suggest protection and caring, Harry’sactions with his son suggest a desire to make Archie chuckle and have fun. Hisbeaming, besotted attention signals, plus his desire to gently clown about tomake Archie laugh, suggests he might have already found a kindred spirit in hisnew son.”

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