Baby names to avoid based on where you live including Charlotte and William in the South East

When it comes to having a baby, alongside figuring out childcare arrangements, creating a birth plan and deciding on what gadgets to buy,choosing a name is up there as being one of the most important jobs.

And for anyone looking for a name that’s a little less ‘normal’, finding one that’s unique only adds to the pressure.

Fortunately, new research has panicked parents-to-be covered and has revealed what names to avoid if an uncommon moniker is what you’re after.

My Nametags has analysed baby name data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) between 2001 and 2019 to highlight the UK’s ‘children’s name capitals’ – in other words, the places where you’re most likely to come across a child with a specific name.

Here’s what names are most common in each region, and what names to avoid if you want your child to stand out…

South West

Year after year, Oliver has proven to be one of the UK’s most popular boys' names.

And though the moniker can be found across the country, there’s a higher concentration of Olivers in the South West.

Amelia is also a popular choice for girls.

South East

Taking inspiration from the Cambridges, William and Charlotte top the charts in South East areas of the country.


Another region favouring more traditional names, you’re most likely to find an Alexander or Isabella in parts of London than any other part of the nation.

East of England

If you’re a fan of names beginning with the letter ‘H’, it may be worth thinking outside of the box if you live in the East of England where Harry and Holly dominate the baby name lists.

East Midlands

Becoming popular over recent years, you’re more likely to come across someone called Oscar or Isla in the East Midlands than in any other region.

West Midlands

In the West Midlands, the girls’ name Maisie appears more frequently than in other regions.

For boys, Mohammed is a popular name.


Opting for traditional Welsh names, Dylan and Megan are common names in Wales.

North West

Like Oliver, Olivia has shown itself to be an extremely popular name with parents-to-be for several years now though is most common in the North West.

For boys, Thomas is the preferred name of choice.

North East

Turning to the history books to pick a name of choice, more old fashioned names including Jack and Emily have a high concentration in the North East.

Yorkshire and the Humber

Soft sounding names Charlie and Evie are common in Yorkshire and the Humber.

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More than anywhere else, Scotland has the highest density of boys called Lewis and girls called Sophie.

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, James and Grace are hot name choices among new parents.

Speaking of the findings, Lars B. Andersen, Managing Director at My Nametags commented: “At My Nametags we see thousands of names every day and we were interested to understand the patterns of where certain names appear most commonly in the UK.

“It also serves as a list of common parents for parents to avoid if they want they’re child to stand out in the classroom.

"Our analysis revealed some interesting insights, so we have created an interactive map to help people browse the data and discover the name trends in their region."

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