BBC slammed for using ‘sound editor mum’ to describe Oscar nominee

You wouldn’t call a man ‘sound engineer dad’: BBC is accused of being ‘massively sexist’ for describing a British Oscar nominee as a ‘mum who runs the PTA and feeds the cat’

  • Sound editor Nina Hartstone is Oscar-nominated work on Bohemian Rhapsody
  • However, the way the BBC News website reported her nomination has inflamed many on social media, after the site described her as a ‘sound editor mum’ 
  • On Twitter, people argued that you would never write ‘sound editor dad’ 
  • Others poured scorn on the fact the piece mentioned she juggled ‘running the PTA’ with ‘feeding the cat’, calling the BBC ‘massively sexist’ 

The BBC News website has been accused of being ‘massively sexist’ after it described a female Oscar nominee as a ‘sound editor mum’.

Nina Hartstone is nominated for an award for her work on Freddie Mercury box office hit Bohemian Rhapsody at this month’s LA ceremony. 

But the headline the BBC used when reporting the story has sparked fury on Twitter. 

Yesterday, the BBC News website ran with the headline: ‘The sound-editor mum up for an Oscar’ followed by the words: ‘At home Nina Hartstone runs the PTA and feeds the cat, at work she’s a Bafta-winning sound editor.’ 

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Sound editor Nina Hartstone, from Berkshire, has won a Bafta for her work on the Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody…but the BBC has been accused of sexism in the way it reported Hartstone’s Oscar nomination

 The sound editor, who has worked for Pinewood Studios for 25 years, was described as ‘running the PTA’ and ‘feeding the cat’ when she’s not busy with work (Pictured: Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody) 

When Twitter read the story, dozens of social media users expressed their outrage at the description of Hartstone, saying they wouldn’t have used ‘sound engineer dad’ if they had been describing a man.

@SophieRunning wrote: ‘Hey @BBCNews I’m really hoping this is the first in a bunch of family-based reports, to be followed up by stories on the “production dad” “sound-engineer dad” “special effects uncles” ie not just MASSIVELY SEXIST. The sound-editor mum up for an Oscar.’ 

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@theagilmore raged: ‘FIX THE GODDAMN HEADLINE ⁦@BBCNews⁩ I’m so sick of women being reduced to ‘Mums who do other stuff sometimes’. Who WROTE this?’ 

@fran_phillips added: ‘Focus on children, cats, PTA, age and clothing, good work BBC! #everydaysexism’ 

BBC News has been accused of sexism after it ran a story about sound editor Nina Hartstone describing her as a ‘sound editor mum’ who runs the PTA and feeds the cat at home and is a Bafta-winning sound editor at work

@GailRenard raged: ‘This woman has been a professional for 25 years, has been nominated for an Oscar yet #BBC still describes her as “Mum of three” and former “tea girl.” Now you know why we get so angry.’

And @GuyLodge quipped: ‘Imagine being a sound editor AND a mum. Wild.’

The headline on the story has now changed, with references to feeding the cat and running the PTA while caring for her three children removed. 

The headline currently reads: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody: First Oscars night for sound editor’. 

MailOnline has contacted BBC News Online for comment. 

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