Beer box with low alcohol beers is out so you can stay sober this January

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Hopsmore is a brand-new beer brand that we’ve created in order to make our readers’ beer-drinking dreams come true. We think that craft beer is one of the tastiest things around, and want everyone to get a chance to try it.

You can even save £5 off with the price code 5DAMPJAN

So far, we’ve been selling loads of alcoholic beer boxes that everyone has been loving. Now that it’s January, we’ve decided to create a special low and no alcohol beer box for those looking to reduce their alcohol intake. 

How much does it cost? 

This box of 20 beers costs £35, but since we’re feeling generous you can get £5 off at the checkout if you use the code 5DAMPBOX

This means that you’ll only be paying £30 for 20 beers which works out as costing £1.50 each – cheap as chips! 

If you’ve made a new year’s resolution to save money, then bulk buying like this should help you keep to it, too. 

Buy our special low alcohol January craft beer box here, with £5 off!

What’s it perfect for? 

It’s perfect for those that love their beer and would like to discover new types of craft beer this January but are also looking to lower their alcohol intake. 

The box contains a great mix of low and no alcohol beer cans, so you can ‘beer good’ on a weekday night and opt for the likes of our 0% Innis and Gunn alcohol-free lager. Then, you could always opt for a can with a higher alcohol can such as our 5.1% Samba King Blonde Ale on a Saturday night. 

It’s also great if you live with people who want to continue to be on the booze this January. They can choose the cans with the higher alcohol percentages in your box, and won’t feel left out. 

And as always, it’s also great for times when you’d just like to put your feet up, crack open a can and catch up on some soaps. 

Scooping up a can from a box lying nearby is so much more appealing in the January cold weather than heading out to your local pub or shop. 

Buy our special low alcohol January craft beer box here, with £5 off!

What beers are included?

From fruit beers to lagers brewed with delicious golden oats, you’ll get a box of delicious craft beers with a variety of low-to-no alcohol percentages.

Your box will contain two of each of these:

  • Innis and Gunn Lager – 0.0%
  • Lucky Saint Lager – 0.5%
  • Bad Co Shy Retirer Pale Ale – 2.8%
  • Gun Table Red Amber and Red Ale- 3.0%
  • Downstream Token Session IPA – 3.5%
  • Moor Nano Cash Olicana Session Bitter- 3.8%
  • First Chop Ooft Blackcurrant Kolsch – 4.0%
  • Firebrand Canute Kveik Pale Ale – 4.3%
  • Gun Brewery Chummy Bluster Best Bitter- 4.4%
  • By The Horns Samba King Blonde Ale- 5.1%

What else will I get? 

Your box will be delivered to your door with free UK tracked delivery. What’s more, you’ll have the comfort of knowing it’ll be securely delivered, with an age check at your door.

You’ll even get a tasty snack thrown into the box, so you’ll have something to munch on while on your craft beer journey of discovery.  

So, this January, live life to the fullest while staying sober. Sip and swig lagers, pale ales, IPAs, bitters and fruit beers, among other cans of gold with our limited edition “damp” January beer box. 

Please drink responsibly. 18 + only

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