Best bosses ever treat staff to month-long luxury holidays in Thailand and India

Many of us would have to save up months before going on an exotic getaway.

And even then, when we've managed to save up, there's that annoying problem of having to use precious annual leave.

But staff at Birmingham-based company Turn Partners have neither of these problems because, to put it simply, they have the best bosses ever.

Mike Bandar, 29, and James Vardy, 31, have been dubbed ‘Britain’s Best Bosses’ as they allow their nine staff to take as much paid leave as they want, work wherever they like and regularly treat the whole team to luxury holidays to escape the miserable British weather .

While many of us slog away at our office desks, Turn Partners' employees have spent their working days swimming with sea turtles and eating fajitas on the beach in Mexico, staying in five star hotels in India or relaxing at a spa and jet skiing in Thailand.

Mike, who runs the company with his business partner James, says: “James and I had always dreamed of running a close-knit business where the staff have flexibility and can enjoy life to the full.

“Having a an incredibly happy team always leads to creating amazing business. So from time to time, we like to treat our team to a month-long holiday so that we can all escape the cold British weather and not go too long without some sunshine.

“Turn Partners covers the costs and although we generally go away for the month, staff can come and go for as long as they please.

“Partners, friends and siblings often join at some parts of the trips which is always fun.

“One of our staff even proposed to his fiancé in Thailand and all of the team threw a surprise party for them on the beach afterwards!

“We’ve gone to so many brilliant countries together and without a doubt, grown closer as a company. Buenos Ares, Argentina is the front-runner for our next group holiday.

“Although our team trips are a real highlight they are also merely the tip of the iceberg.

“Everyone at Team Turn has an unlimited holiday allowance (as well as a minimum holiday allowance to make sure they don’t skip ‘me time’), have complete freedom of how and where they work and a huge flexibility on the projects they work on.”

In February this year, Mike and James flew all nine of their employees for a month-long five-star holiday to Goa and Mumbai, India.

And that's not it.

In February 2018, Mike and James treated their entire team to a 28-day vacation where they worked in the stunning surroundings of Bangkok, Chang Mai, Krabi and Phi Phi in Thailand.

Meanwhile in February 2016, Turn Partners all went on another month long break to Playa del Carmen and Tulum in Mexico – where they spent their working days on a beach.

Over the years, various employees have also worked remotely in countries like Denmark, South Africa and The US.

Luke Lanchaster, a Senior Developer at Turn Partners, said: “I fixed a problem at work that was eluding me for months whilst sitting on a deckchair, listening to the rolling waves and generally having a great time on holiday.

“For the whole month of February, I got to visit amazing places and explore hidden waterfalls in between conference calls.

“There are so many jobs nowadays which involve employees sitting in a cubicle all day, clocking in and clocking out whilst having your output judged against KPIs.

“Working for Turn Partners is amazing in that they’ve realised keeping employees happy, motivated and excited pays off dividends”.

Turn Partners focuses on the turnaround and creation of several digital businesses including Instagram scheduling tool ‘Hopper HQ’ and niche dating site ‘Toyboy Warehouse’ as well as investing in many others.

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