Best Flushable Wipes 2020 | The Sun UK

IN RECENT years, wet wipes have gotten a pretty terrible reputation.

Especially wipes that are flushed down the loo – buildups of these non-biodegradable wipes are responsible for fatbergs that clog up the world's sewer systems.

Times are changing, though – not only are there are a plethora of biodegradable wet wipes on the market now, but you can also find wipes that are safe to flush down the loo.

Wet wipes have many uses, from wiping away baby mess to cleaning a child's sticky fingers.

They're also great for beauty needs, like removing eye makeup, and they can clean up household stains or get rid of dust.

How can you tell if a wet wipe is really safe to flush? Look out for Water UK's Fine to Flush symbol on the packaging. These wipes have all passed stringent Water UK testing ensuring that they won't contribute to the fatberg epidemic when flushed.

In the US, a new startup, Fohm Co, is leading the fight against fatbergs: it's a cleansing fluid you apply to your loo roll so it has the same effect as a wet wipe, minus the waste.

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