Best Running Backpack

CASUAL runners keep what they carry with them to a minimum – a water bottle, music and fitness tracker is generally all that’s needed.

But for the serious track runner, running a long distance away from home, with no parked car or locker room at the end of the trail, a running backpack is a must.

As well as running essentials such as gels, sprays, drinks, snacks, towel and so on, you’ll also need space for things like your wallet, phone and keys.

The ideal bag will have separate sections for these, so they stay secure instead of rolling around in one big jumble all through the run, and they need to have straps – on the shoulder, chest and even waist.

These need to be well–stitched, padded for comfort and fully adjustable to ensure it not only fits your body perfectly, but distributes the weight of the contents evenly across your back. Generally the smaller the better, but if you have to stuff it all in so it’s fit to burst, it’ll weigh on your back more than if they were spread out.

Whether you’re heading out for a short run to a long distance trail, one of these running backpacks will help you go the distance.

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