Bibiana Julian Defends Calling Out Peter Kraus For Hiding Their Fling: ‘Why Are You Lying?’

Bibiana Julian of ‘The Bachelor’ fame won’t let Peter Kraus lie about what went down between them. Read EXCLUSIVE details inside.

When The Bachelor franchise star Bibiana Julian, 31, called out Peter Kraus, 33, on Twitter, it shook up Bachelor Nation a little bit! Peter had finished second on 33-year-old lawyer Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette, and he was thought to be the next Bachelor before 37-year-old Arie Luyendyck Jr. took the coveted role. He was the franchise’s golden boy, but Bibiana was not having it when he played down their former fling in a new interview, so she decided to speak up for herself. We chatted with her and other former contestant Seinne Flemming, 28, EXCLUSIVELY at the Nokia Darlings and Devices event in New York City. The two Bachelor faves told us brand new details about their post-show involvement with other former cast-members.

On Jan. 25, three days after Peter’s interview with the Chicago Tribune, in which he said they didn’t date and “met at a charity event,” Bibiana spoke her truth on Twitter in response. She had previously revealed on the Almost Famous podcast that she and Peter connected after she got back from Bachelor in Paradise. Peter seriously downplayed whatever went down, and Bibiana didn’t like the misinformation out there. So she did something about it.

“I just woke up on the other side of the bed, where it’s just like, today I’m going to give the world some tea,” Bibiana EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife. But she didn’t feel all too great about it afterwards. “Once I did that, I had a lot of anxiety. I just spilled it to the world. What frustrated me the most is a lot of people put up this fake persona and they’re so worried about what people think, that they become so paranoid that they shift reality, and they start lying. I understand you want to be private and you want to protect certain parts of your life, but why are you lying?” Bibiana confirmed her and Peter “weren’t ever anything serious at all,” but she stood up for her right to have a casual fling if she wanted to – and she doesn’t apologize for that.

But luckily for Bibiana, after Peter stayed with her for four days during one of Miami’s hottest events, Art Basel, she found love with someone else! She met her current boyfriend through mutual friends, and the two have enjoyed dates like visiting the Perez Art Museum in Miami. “I actually put up a cute kiss photo when I finally announced, like, ‘Okay, I’m in love,’ but I haven’t tagged him because he’s private,” Bibiana shared.

Seinne has also moved on since appearing on the ABC show last year. Her first date with her current boyfriend Doug Fillmore was on Super Bowl Sunday in 2018! Even though she made it pretty far on The Bachelor – week seven to be exact – it’s completely water under the bridge for Seinne and Arie at this point.

“[Arie and Lauren] came out [to LA, where Seinne lives] together, and I got dinner with the two of them,” Seinne said. “My boyfriend was out of town that weekend. It was so funny, cause we kind of like caught up on everything.”

“And I had done bottomless mimosas with friends earlier in the day,” she continued. “I felt very comfortable and relaxed. For me, I never said I loved [Arie], I didn’t sleep with him, so it wasn’t awkward for me [being with Arie and Lauren]. I had already moved on to a new relationship, so I didn’t feel any sort of awkwardness at all.” Seinne and her boyfriend went on to attend Lauren and Arie’s wedding on Jan. 12, 2019 in Hawaii!

But not everyone from Arie’s season would’ve been able to go to the tropical nuptials – like Kendall Long, 27, for instance, who made it to the top three on Arie’s season. “For some people, it is awkward,” Seinne said. “You know, Kendall wasn’t at the wedding even though Lauren really likes Kendall. Kendall went a little further in the process, and maybe certain things happened in Fantasy Suites. So maybe it’s more awkward when you’ve gone further with that person.”

Even though Seinne turned down her Bachelor in Paradise offer, and Bibiana tried her hand at Paradise and The Bachelor: Winter Games, both women have seemed to be blissfully in love in their respective relationships. It all works out! And as for what’s next for the brunette beauties? Bibiana would love to maybe launch a skincare brand, and Seinne isn’t totally closed off to another reality show in the future – she’s a big fan of the Housewives and Vanderpump Rules! We can’t wait to see what’s next for these ladies!

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