Blogger uses nappy rash cream to get rid of acne in just three days

Blogger reveals how putting ‘butt cream’ for babies on her face cleared her pus-filled acne in just three days – and her hack has racked up 10 MILLION views

  • Canadian blogger Farah Dhukai, picked up the skincare hack from her mother
  • Says she swears by Penaten and Zincofax ‘butt creams’, costing under CA$10
  • She applied cream to spots before bed and they improved overnight
  • Wearing a layer as a face mask on following two nights cleared skin totally  

A beauty blogger has revealed how a rather unusual remedy cleared up a bad outbreak of pus-filled pimples in just a few days. 

Canadian blogger Farah Dhukai took to Instagram to reveal how diaper rash cream got rid of the breakout, in a post that’s been viewed almost 10 million times. 

The internet sensation – who boasts 6.4 million followers – revealed that her mother taught her the skincare hack as a teenager to reduce the redness of size of spots. 

And although she’s trialled all types of diaper rash creams, she swears by two products in particular: CA$6.99 Penaten and CA$8.99 Zincofax. 

She explained that the ointments work because their formulas are rich with Zinc Oxide, which reduces inflammation, oil prodcution and redness, and also soothes the soreness of pimples. 

Canadian blogger Farah Dhukai has revealed the secret skincare hack to get rid of pimples in days, explaining that she used nappy rash cream on a bad outbreak of cystic acne

In the video, Farah can be seen without any make-up on, pointing out the blemishes she wanted to cover up. 

On night one, she dotted product on to each pimple, which had significantly reduced by the next day. 

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The second night she smeared a thin layer all over her fave, and on the third she applied a layer just on her cheekbones under her eyes.

‘Apply the diaper rash cream as a spot treatment, UNDER your makeup OR as a leave on mask before bed and wake up with soothed acne that goes away within a few days,’ she explained. 

The internet sensation urged followers not to pop their spots and simply follow her beauty tips for clearer skin

The guru made sure not to apply cream with her finger but with a separate tool to reduce any bacteria from entering her pores

‘I applied mine 3 nights in a row, and I used it under makeup during those days too and it completely got rid of everything! Even the nasty exploded crater on my left cheek!’ 

Farah also urged her fans not to pop their spots because it only spreads bacteria.  

By the end of the clip the acne outbreak has visibly reduced. 

First Farah applied the nappy rash cream directly to each pimple and left overnight

Farah went on to spread the diaper rash cream all over her face to cover the spots and left overnight as a face mask

After just two sessions the majority of Farah’s blemishes had disappeared 

In the third attempt Farah applied the baby product to her cheeks to reduce the redness and puss-filled spots


‘DIAPER RASH cream. Yea you read correctly! BUTT CREAM! The cream that you rub on a babies butt when they have a rash from their diaper

‘This is a trick my mom taught me when I was in my teens.. and at first I thought she was trolling me, but I was DESPERATE because PIMPLES RUIN EVERYTHING and so I tried it and I have LOVED it EVER SINCE! Thanks mom! sorry I thought you were trolling me but I would troll me if I were you so you can’t blame me…

‘There are all kinds of diaper rash creams on the market and I’ve literally used them all! My two FAVS are PENETEN and ZINCOFAX.

Farah’s skincare secret is diaper rash cream, in particular Zincofax and Peneten, although she says other treatments are effective

Farah’s mother taught her the beauty trick and it is a hack she has been using for years to get rid of bad breakouts

Farah boasted glowing, acne free skin after three days and not a single blemish in sight

Social media followers hailed the beauty tip as ‘magic’ after it got rid of Farah’s breakout

She continued: ‘ It will reduce inflammation, Reduce oil production, KILL THE PIMPLE, soothe pimples, reduce redness, lighten acne scars, and shrink gigantic planet sized pimples.’

Fans were left in awe of the nifty skincare secret. 

One social media user commented: ‘That is magic’, while another wrote: ‘I have to try this.’

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