B&M slashes price of sell-out hot tubs by £50

It has reduced its cheapest Lay-Z Spa hot tub from £299.99 to £250, and its bigger version has also come down in price from £399.99 to £350.

B&M's inflatable Lay-Z Spa Miami hot tub sold out in just a few days when it went on sale last year.

And shoppers were just as excited to see it back in stores when the Miami tub launched alongside a bigger "Vegas" version yesterday.

The four-person Lay-Z Spa Miami hot tub first went on sale for £299.99, while the bigger six-person Lay-Z Spa Vegas cost £399.99.

But now they're £50 less, which makes the Miami tub £150 cheaper than rival retailer Very.co.uk, while the Vegas back garden gadget is £250 cheaper at B&M than at Argos.

A spokesman for B&M said the tubs are flying off the shelves, and the chain is expecting them to sell out by the end of the week.

The spokesman added that the chain decided to drop the price so soon after launch because it's "always looking for ways to save our customers money".
We've asked why the discount retailer has reduced the price of the tubs so soon after launch and we will update this article if we hear back.

The cheaper Miami hot tub has 81 jets, while the bigger Vegas tub has 87.

Both will heat up to a toasty 40C, which will keep you warm even on a chilly spring night.

The tubs are not available online, so you might want to head down to your nearest B&M as soon as possible if you want one.

B&M has more than 600 shops in the UK. You can find your nearest branch using its online store finder tool.

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