Brett Young Releases Sophomore Album ‘Ticket to L.A’ Mixed With Deeply Personal & ‘Feel Good’ Jams

Fresh off of the major success of his Platinum debut album, Brett Young is back with ‘Ticket to L.A.’ and fans are already raving about the new record!

Now, we will always love Brett Young‘s heartbreaking, emotional lyrics, but in his new album, Ticket To LA, he’s tapping in to his current situation (love!) for some inspiration, and the result is a happy, upbeat and ‘feel good’ album. That’s right, country crooner Brett Young has returned with a deeply personal new record, and while it is filled with songs reminiscent of his smash hits ‘Mercy’ and ‘In Case You Didn’t Know,’ we’re also given an introduction to happier jams, with the same catchy lyrics that Brett so beautifully relays. The album opens up with the title track, “Ticket To LA,” that reacquaints you with Brett’s buttery, country twang as he recalls living between Nashville and LA, detailing the tough goodbyes between he and his now-wife Taylor Mills. And then, there’s the slow and sexy tracks, like “Change Your Name,” which showcases Brett’s immense talent, as he goes from uptempo country boy to sultry seducer in a flip of a track.

“There are a lot more ‘feel good’ songs on Ticket To LA than there were on the first record,” Brett told, EXCLUSIVELY. “I really wanted to showcase some more versatility this time around, and I’m so excited for fans to get to hear the new stuff.” Of course, his chart-topping single ‘Here Tonight’ is a perfect indicator of the versatile and dreamy tracks on the new record!

Brett was joined by one of his biggest musical inspirations, Gavin DeGraw on the track, “Chapters,” and it’s a highlight of Ticket To LA. To hear Gavin tap into country music was a treat, plus it must have been a dream come true for Brett. The song details the ‘chapters’ of Brett’s life, reminding listeners of his once-promising baseball career that was changed “in a blink of an eye” due to a career-ending injury. While uptempo, the eye-opening lyrics call for self-reflection and make ‘Chapters’ one of the most emotional songs on the album. “I turned to music as an outlet after my baseball career ended with that elbow injury. It was a really difficult time for me, but music was such a great outlet, and my friends and family were incredibly supportive,” Brett revealed to HL in an EXCLUSIVE interview in the beginning of the year. “The more often I wrote, the more I fell in love with it and realized it was something I wanted to keep doing.”

Fans are also greeted with a beachy number from Brett on Ticket to LA just in time for your winter vacations to paradise. His “The Ship and the Bottle” is reminiscent of Kenny Chesney‘s tropically soulful “Old Blue Chair” and Jimmy Buffett‘s “A Pirate Looks At 40.”

Be sure to grab Brett Young’s new album Ticket To LA and catch him on tour this summer with Thomas Rhett!

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