Brit kayaker missing for 7 days after vanishing from Costa Blanca marina

Police are frantically searching for a British man who was last seen kayaking out of a marina in Spain.

Kenny McPherson, an offshore survey engineer, vanished on November 23 after flying to Spain earlier this month from his Aberdeen home to spend a few weeks at his holiday property near the resort of Torrevieja in Costa Blanca.

Mr McPherson was last seen near the resort and his family fear he may have been carried out to sea by strong currents.

Police have launched a land, sea and air search in a bid to find him.

And his worried wife Alexandra Mitchell and stepchildren Anna Mitchell, 22, and Alexander, 27, are now in Spain helping with the search, the Daily Record reports.

Anna said: “We are obviously very concerned for my stepdad’s wellbeing as he's been missing now for a week.

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"We’ve discounted this being a voluntary disappearance.

"There’s no reason why he would have wanted to go missing.

“When we got flights over and arrived at the house, we found everything had been left just as if he had popped out to the shops or something.

"My mum said he had kayaked when they had been abroad with a tutor but on this particular occasion he had decided he wanted to do a bit by himself.

“He had purchased a kayak in Spain and been out on the Friday before he went missing just down the road from where he was last seen.

“We were unaware he was going to go out on the Saturday again.

“Neighbours saw him leave with the distinctive lime green kayak early in the morning. His car which is a Spanish-plated metallic blue Skoda Fabia was left at Torrevieja Marina.”

Mr McPherson, whose full name is Kenneth Dallas McPherson, is described as 5ft 11 inches tall and of medium build with a white goatee beard and short greyish white hair.

There is no information on the clothes he was wearing.

The search for the missing Brit is being led by the local Civil Guard force.

Kenny’s wife Alexandra Mitchell, also from Aberdeen, said: “The police are working very hard but as of yet we have very little to go by.

“We just want Kenny home safe and sound and miss him greatly.

“Any information, no matter how little, would be greatly appreciated."

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